Socialist Party of Spain

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Spain's Ruling Socialists Clobbered in Election

Country grapples with Eurozone's worst unemployment

(Newser) - Facing widespread protests amid 21.3% unemployment, Spain’s ruling Socialist party suffered a resounding defeat at the hands of conservatives yesterday—reportedly the party's worst-ever performance in local and regional elections. The conservative People's Party took 38% of the vote at the municipal level, compared with 28%... More »

Hacker Morphs Spanish Prez Into Mr. Bean

Prankster hijacks Spain's EU site

(Newser) - A hacker yesterday redirected visitors to Spain's EU presidency website to a page replacing Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero's image with that of Mr. Bean. The goofy, benign comedy character appeared with the words: "Hi there." Zapatero's resemblance to Rowan Atkinson's bumbling character is a long-running joke... More »

Basque Separatists Hand Over Power After 30 Years

After 30 years, separatists lose power in Spanish region

(Newser) - Security has been ramped up in the Basque region of Spain today as it prepares for the inauguration of its first non-separatist government in 30 years. Spain's national left- and right-wing parties have come together to form a unity coalition, ending decades of rule by Basque separatists. The terrorist group... More »

Cops Injured in Bilbao Blast

ETA fingered for attack on Socialist headquarters

(Newser) - A powerful car bomb believed to be the work of the Basque separatist group ETA exploded today in Spain, injuring at least seven police officers. The blast, which was preceded by a warning call, occurred outside the headquarters of Spain's ruling Socialist Party in the Basque city of Bilbao. The... More »

4 Stories