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Rugby Star Charged With Axe Murders

Ntshongwana claimed to be avenging daughter's rape

(Newser) - A retired South African rugby star who allegedly went on a killing spree with an axe in one hand and a Bible in the other has been charged with three murders. Joseph Ntshongwana claimed to be taking revenge on a gang that raped his daughter and infected her with HIV,... More »

Israel to Boycott UN Racism Summit

Meet-up will commemorate bitter Durban meetings

(Newser) - Israel has announced that it will boycott the UN’s 2011 racism summit because the event is being billed as a celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Durban racism meeting, which produced a declaration critical of Israel and Zionism. “As long as the meeting is defined as part... More »

China Ships Arms to Mugabe

Union refusing to unload dangerous cargo destined for tense Zimbabwe

(Newser) - As tensions rise in Zimbabwe, a Chinese ship has arrived in a South African port with arms bound for Harare. The ship put to sea with AK-47 rifles, mortars, rocket-propelled grenades and millions of rounds of ammunition, apparently to fortify President Robert Mugabe, who's not relinquishing power despite his suspected... More »

3 Stories