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Prominent Federal Judge Retires After 15 Accusations

Alex Kozinski's retirement is effective immediately

(Newser) - "I was in a state of emotional shock," said one of the women who accused prominent 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Alex Kozinski of sexual misconduct earlier this month. Now, a perhaps less-than-shocking ending: Kozinski will retire effective immediately, he announced Monday. The Washington Post , which... More »

Ex-Clerks Accuse Prominent Judge of Sexual Misconduct

They say Alex Kozinski of 9th Circuit Court of Appeals asked them to watch porn, made comments

(Newser) - Six women who served as clerks or junior staffers at the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals allege to the Washington Post that Judge Alex Kozinski subjected them to inappropriate sexual comments or conduct, including asking them to watch pornography in his chambers, the newspaper reported Friday. Heidi Bond, who... More »

Federal Judge: Use Firing Squads, Not Lethal Injections

Don't pretend killing isn't brutal, Kozinski says

(Newser) - Killing people is a brutal and messy business, and if Americans can't deal with that, they shouldn't be condemning people to death, a top federal judge says. In a strongly worded dissent in an Arizona lethal-injection case, Alex Kozinski, chief judge of the Ninth US Circuit Court of... More »

Cops Don't Need Warrant to Track Cars With GPS

'1984 is here at last,' says dissenting judge

(Newser) - Police can secretly track your movements with a GPS device attached to your car, and come into your driveway in the middle of the night to install it—all without a warrant, a federal court has ruled. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has twice let stand the conviction of... More »

Judge Quits Calif. Porn Obscenity Trial

Declares mistrial over his own sexually explicit website

(Newser) - The California judge whose risqué website stalled an obscenity trial 3 days ago has recused himself, the Los Angeles Times reports. “In light of the public controversy surrounding my involvement in this case, I have concluded that there is a manifest necessity to declare a mistrial,” Alex Kozinski... More »

Porn Trial Halted After Judge's Risque Site Found

Offers to step down from obscenity trial after cow porn pics discovered

(Newser) - A federal obscenity trial has been suspended after the Los Angeles Times revealed that the presiding judge—a high-ranking conservative who has been mentioned for the Supreme Court—had his own website featuring explicit photos and videos. The publicly accessible material on Alex Kozinski's site included photos of naked women... More »

Media-Shy Scalia Hits Road With 18th-Century Views

Conservative justice will plug stance as he pitches new book

(Newser) - After years of courting controversy but shunning publicity, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is about to go on a media offensive, reports USA Today. The conservative Scalia, who has notoriously kept the press away from his public appearances, allowed C-SPAN recently to broadcast a question-and-answer session with students. He'll also... More »

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