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Vietnam Grieves Death of 'Legendary' Turtle

Cu Rua dies just as Communist Party meets

(Newser) - The death of a turtle has stirred much sadness and fear of the future in Vietnam—but this was no average turtle. Cu Rua, found dead Tuesday in a Hanoi lake, was a cultural and spiritual icon that represented the nation's independence, the New York Times reports. The 360-pound... More »

Dozens Killed in Vietnam Fireworks Factory Explosion

Others horrifically burned in accident near Hanoi

(Newser) - Fireworks were going off in the northern Vietnam for all the wrong reasons yesterday, when a military-run fireworks factory about 75 miles north of Hanoi exploded, killing dozens and leaving many more injured. The precise death toll is still unclear: the AP puts it at 19, while AFP reports 24,... More »

New Releases Show How Vietnam Weighed on Nixon

Defense secretary urges against plan that would become 'Christmas bombing'

(Newser) - Newly declassified documents and tapes from the Nixon era show how conflicted the administration was over public dissatisfaction with the war in Vietnam, the AP reports. One October 1969 memo from Defense Secretary Melvin Laird advises the president against adopting a proposal for a massive assault on North Vietnam, noting... More »

McCain Wins Unlikely Support in Vietnam

Ruling class thinks former POW would increase trade

(Newser) - John McCain has won admiration from an unlikely place: Vietnam, the nation he bombed 23 times during the war there. Including politicians, newspaper editors, and even his former captor, Vietnamese are voicing support for the candidate. The Republican pushed to restore ties with the country a decade ago, and many... More »

McCain's War Record Now Fair Game

Pro-Obama retired general Clark turns up volume on whispers

(Newser) - Wesley Clark's answer to a question on Face the Nation yesterday has exposed a simmering campaign issue, Politico reports: whether John McCain’s Vietnam ordeal translates to relevant experience for the presidency. "I don't think riding in a fighter plane and getting shot down is a qualification to be... More »

$1B Intel Plant Helps Vietnam Reinvent Itself

Chip maker's choice gives validation to nascent tech industry

(Newser) - Intel's choice of Vietnam for a massive superconductor plant surprised the tech world 2 years ago, but the firm's trailblazing has sparked a wave of high-tech investment that is transforming the country, the San Jose Mercury News reports. The plant is still more than a year away from completion, but... More »

6 Stories