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Renowned Safety Diver Dies During a Rescue

Stephen Keenan went to aid fellow diver, then blacked out

(Newser) - He was considered one of the best, if not the best, safety divers in the world, and Stephen Keenan died after coming to the rescue of a fellow diver. The 39-year-old Dublin native died over the weekend at the dangerous Dahab Blue Hole in Egypt, reports Deeper Blue . Keenan was... More »

World's Best Free Diver Presumed Dead After Dive

Natalia Molchanova, who set 41 world records, was on a recreational swim

(Newser) - The woman considered to be the "greatest free diver in history," who could hold her breath for more than nine minutes while submerged in a pool, is presumed to have drowned while diving off the coast of Spain near Ibiza on Sunday, reports the New York Times . Natalia... More »

Next for Blaine: Breath-Holding Mark, on Oprah

Extreme-endurance stuntman aims to crack 16:14 on April 30

(Newser) - David Blaine, the magician and "endurance artist" is training to break the human breath-holding record April 30 on Oprah. He's already done it 16 minutes, 9 seconds in a test run, John Tierney reports in his New York Times science blog. New techniques have made it possible for the... More »

3 Stories