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We Can See Political Bias From Space

World leaders illuminate their hometowns like a Lite-Brite, researchers claim

(Newser) - Deceased dictator Mobutu Sese Seko wanted his hometown to shine brighter than the diamonds he ransacked from the Congo’s coffers—and he apparently isn’t the only world leader to shed some light (and money and resources) on his birthplace. Researchers say that political favoritism can, as LiveScience puts... More »

Romney's New Target: Obama's 'Political Payoffs'

Campaign to point to favoritism among donors

(Newser) - With political chatter centered on Mitt Romney's Bain record , the candidate is ready to fight back: "We're turning the page," says an adviser. So get ready for a new offensive, dubbed "Obama's Political Payoffs and Middle-Class Layoffs." The Romney tactic aims to demonstrate... More »

Palin Used State Politics to Settle Personal Scores

Career reveals history of favoritism, vendettas, secrecy

(Newser) - Throughout Sarah Palin’s political career the Republican vice presidential nominee has played favorites, kept secrets and waged personal vendettas, according to the New York Times. A lengthy examination of the Alaska governor’s record reveals that she appointed at least five former schoolmates to state positions, threatened and fired... More »

Pro-Democracy Group Links Lobbyists, McCain

Nonprofit's workings clash with maverick image

(Newser) - The workings of a nonprofit democracy-promotion group John McCain has chaired for 15 years are “in many ways at odds with the political outsider image that has become a touchstone of the McCain campaign,” the New York Times reports. The International Republican Institute is a “something of... More »

Mac Supporter's Firm Funded Colombian Terrorists

Lindner's Chiquita also trafficked in arms

(Newser) - A billionaire who co-hosted a $2 million party for John McCain last week paid almost as much to a Colombian paramilitary group through his former company, the Huffington Post reports. Under Carl Lindner, Chiquita funneled $1.7 million to AUC, a group the US deems a terrorist organization—and one... More »

McCain Helped Donor Developer Win Contracts

Decades-old friendship built on fundraising, land deal assistance

(Newser) - John McCain has repeatedly done favors a wealthy Arizona real estate developer who is a major donor, sponsoring legislation that swapped public land for his land and stepping in to speed a lucrative land deal with the Pentagon that netted him $20 million in a quick flip. The relationship with... More »

6 Stories