Iowa caucuses

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In Iowa, Warren Faces Question on DNA Test

Potential 2020 candidate says 'I am not a person of color'

(Newser) - There are a whopping 666 days to go until the 2020 presidential election, but potential candidate Elizabeth Warren was in Iowa this weekend and faced a question on the subject of her claim to Cherokee ancestry: "Why did you undergo the DNA testing and give Donald Trump more fodder... More »

Review Shrinks Clinton's Iowa Victory Margin

Party won't release raw vote count

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton's razor-thin margin of victory in Iowa just shrank even more. The Iowa Democratic Party says that after reviewing the counts from 14 of the 1,681 Democratic precincts, errors were found in five precincts that cut her lead over Bernie Sanders from 0.27% to 0.25%,... More »

Des Moines Register Editorial: Democrat Caucuses a 'Debacle'

It's time for change, editorial insists

(Newser) - Questions are still flying about the Iowa Democratic caucuses, in which Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton were separated by just two-tenths of 1%. Stories are going around of inconsistent counts, a lack of voter registration forms, and crowded rooms full of confused voters and untrained volunteers, write the editors of... More »

Trump: Cruz 'Illegally Stole' Iowa Victory

He's now demanding the results be nullified

(Newser) - Donald Trump's concession speech after his Iowa defeat seemed a bit out of character , but fear not: The billionaire was back to his usual self on Wednesday, alleging in a tweet that "Ted Cruz didn't win Iowa, he illegally stole it." The tweet was quickly deleted... More »

Myth-Busting: Coin Tosses Didn't Decide Iowa Race

Besides, Sanders won several of them, too

(Newser) - Lots of headlines floating around Tuesday suggested that Hillary Clinton eked out her win in Iowa thanks to coin flips. Not so much, explains NPR . For starters, contrary to initial reports that Clinton had gone a remarkable 6-for-6, it turns out there were several more flips involved, and Sanders won... More »

AP Declares Clinton Victor in Iowa

Sanders will not challenge

(Newser) - It took some 17 hours after caucusing began, but the AP has finally declared Hillary Clinton the winner in Iowa. The state Democratic Party had Clinton with 49.8% of the vote and Sanders with 49.6%, reports the Des Moines Register . And the results will stand: State party officials... More »

Trump Wakes Up to Indignity

The schadenfreude is strong the morning after his Iowa caucus loss

(Newser) - Ted Cruz beat out Donald Trump last night in the Iowa caucuses, and even though Trump gave an uncharacteristically gracious concession speech , he didn't escape the media pokes this morning. A roundup of some of the more irreverent reactions:
  • More than one headline incorporated Trump's trademark "
... More »

First to Drop: O'Malley, Huckabee

Democrat ends bid before the Iowa shouting is even over; Huck closely follows

(Newser) - Martin O'Malley, running a distant third in a tight Democratic race and having collected zero delegates and less than 1% of the vote in Iowa , is the first casualty as the nation casts its first votes in the 2016 presidential election, report the AP and Talking Points Memo . O'... More »

Iowa Caucuses: Cruz Wins It

And so Election 2016 begins...

(Newser) - The doors closed and the Iowa caucuses officially got underway at 7pm local time, with the two leading questions of the night being, quite simply, Trump or Cruz? Sanders or Clinton? The answer on the Republican side came roughly 2.5 hours later: CNN, AP, and NBC News called the... More »

How O'Malley Could Crown Iowa's Winner

Caucuses' quirky rules could make him more powerful

(Newser) - Martin O'Malley may be in a position to swing the Iowa caucuses toward either of his Democratic rivals—but the perpetually third-place candidate says that won't happen. As the Wall Street Journal explains, a candidate who lacks 15% of caucus-goers at any of Iowa's 1,600 caucus... More »

In Cruz vs. Trump, One Iowa Number Matters Most

More voters means better chances for Donald, and there's a tipping point

(Newser) - Despite Ted Cruz trying to shame Iowa residents into coming out to vote in Monday's caucuses , he may not want too many of them to show up, unless he knows for sure they're voting for him. Per Politico , voter turnout will prove critical in the race between him... More »

Your Guide to the Iowa Caucuses

The state is about to answer some big questions

(Newser) - The eyes of the world are once again on Iowa for caucus day—and this time, they're waiting to see whether all the Donald Trump hype translates into actual votes, and what will happen in the tightening Democratic race. Some coverage highlights:
  • The Des Moines Register has a refresher
... More »

Final Iowa Poll: Clinton Hangs on, Trump Back on Top

But turnout could be key for Sanders

(Newser) - With the Iowa caucuses kicking off voting in the 2016 presidential election on Monday, the final Des Moines Register-Bloomberg poll out of the state shows Hillary Clinton hanging onto a three-point lead over Bernie Sanders, 45% to 42%, reports NBC News . Martin O'Malley is polling at 3%. But results... More »

Iowa Paper's Endorsement Snubs Trump, Cruz

'Des Moines Register' goes right to Marco Rubio

(Newser) - A week ahead of the first votes in the never-ending 2016 presidential election, the Des Moines Register has made its endorsements, and at least on the GOP side the paper is clearly indicating this is not a popularity contest: Failing to so much as mention frontrunners Donald Trump and Ted... More »

Bernie Sanders Now Beating Clinton in Iowa

New poll shows him at 49% to her 44%

(Newser) - Bernie Sanders was already leading in New Hampshire polls —but now, a Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday shows him beating Hillary Clinton in Iowa, ABC News reports. The poll finds that Sanders has 49% support from likely Democratic Caucus participants, compared to Clinton's 44% and Martin O'Malley'... More »

Cruz Opens Up a Dizzying 10-Point Lead Over Trump

'Des Moines Register' poll has seen Texan gain 21 points since October

(Newser) - Bad news for Donald Trump in Iowa, where Ted Cruz last week stole his polling thunder— registering a five-point lead among likely caucusgoers—and is currently continuing to open up that spread in what a pollster calls a "big shakeup." Cruz now has a 10-point lead in the... More »

Cruz Trounces Trump in New Iowa Poll

Texas senator can likely thank Dr. Ben Carson for his new 5-point lead

(Newser) - Ben Carson's loss may be Ted Cruz's gain—and responsible for the new thorn in Donald Trump's side, at least in Iowa. The Texas senator zipped ahead of Trump in a new Monmouth University poll released Monday, the New York Times reports. Cruz, who garnered support... More »

The Iowa Straw Poll Is Dead

GOP tradition since 1979 canceled due to expense, lack of interest

(Newser) - For nearly 40 years, Iowa held its straw poll for Republican hopefuls every summer before the presidential caucuses—but the poll set for this summer is now dead, the AP reports. Iowa GOP Chairman Jeff Kaufmann tells the news agency that state GOP officials made the decision in a unanimous... More »

Eye on 2016, Scott Brown Flirts With Iowa

Sure, it's 'premature,' but he's 'curious'

(Newser) - When a former senator from Massachusetts visits the Iowa State Fair, you can bet it's not because he craves fried dough and ring toss. So when the Boston Herald asked, Scott Brown didn't deny that he was visiting because he has presidential ambitions. "I want to get... More »

Only 3 Years to Go: GOP Hopefuls Hitting Iowa

Rick Santorum, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump make appearances

(Newser) - The campaign season, it seems, has already begun—for 2016. With a scant three years to win over voters, Rick Santorum, Sen. Ted Cruz, Donald Trump , and other potential GOP presidential hopefuls have been making themselves known in Iowa, the Wall Street Journal reports. Santorum, Cruz, and Trump all dropped... More »

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