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Kids Outsource Homework to Indian Tutors

Cultural divide an issue, but tutors far cheaper overseas

(Newser) - Big corporations aren’t the only ones going to India for cheap help; a growing number of parents are having their kids call overseas for help with their schoolwork. For just $99 a month, students can get unlimited help with English, math, or science from TutorVista, a network of Indian... More »

OMG Gatsby Was a Fraud!

It's no ROFL matter: web-speak, text-talk and even :( are slipping into schoolwork

(Newser) - Two-thirds of American teens aren’t keeping their LOLs to themselves: They're turning in papers and lab reports with abbreviations, dropped punctuation, and other informalities inherent to Internet and text-message vocabularies, the AP reports. Kids who write blogs and have Facebook pages are more likely to slip from formality in... More »

2 Stories