John Demjanjuk

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3 Auschwitz Suspects Arrested

Germany raids homes of 9 suspected former guards

(Newser) - In a last push to punish Nazi atrocities, German authorities have swooped in on the homes of nine suspected former guards at the Auschwitz death camp. Three men aged 88, 92, and 94 were arrested yesterday in the southern state of Baden-Wuerttemberg and are now in a prison hospital, reports... More »

Germany Has Tracked Down 40 Auschwitz Guards

They're still alive, and could face prosecution

(Newser) - Germany's last-ditch effort to go after Nazi guards has reportedly taken a big step forward. An investigation based on a list of 50 former Auschwitz guards who were never prosecuted found that at least 40 of them are still alive and living in Germany—and they may now face... More »

Final Hunt Is On for 60 Believed Nazis

Simon Wiesenthal Center's poster campaign hits Germany

(Newser) - There are believed to be about 60 surviving former Nazis fit to stand trial—and the Simon Wiesenthal Center wants to track them all down. The US-based organization has distributed some 2,000 posters across Berlin, Hamburg, and Cologne calling for tips, the BBC reports. The posters read: "Operation... More »

Inside the Last-Ditch Effort to Go After Auschwitz Guards

John Demjanjuk case lowered threshold for convictions

(Newser) - Sixty-eight years after the end of World War II, Germany's Central Office for the Investigation of Nazi Crimes has made a last attempt at justice: a list. On it are the names of 50 former Auschwitz guards still known to be alive, compiled via state databases, Holocaust documents, and... More »

US Worries Demjanjuk Grave May Spawn Neo-Nazi Shrine

Family wants convicted Nazi war criminal buried in Ohio

(Newser) - John Demjanjuk's family wants the convicted Nazi war criminal buried in Ohio, where he settled after the war, but Jewish advocates worry that his grave could become a neo-Nazi shrine. "For neo-Nazis, I think it's entirely possible that a Demjanjuk grave becomes a monument to the alleged... More »

Nazi War Criminal John Demjanjuk Dead

91-year-old had lost his US citizenship

(Newser) - The man at the center of what might have been the last Nazi war crimes trial is dead. German officials say John Demjanjuk, 91, died today in a nursing home, reports the Telegraph . Demjanjuk was a retired Ohio auto worker who was stripped of his US citizenship and convicted in... More »

Cops Raid Homes of 6 Ex-SS Soldiers

Germany probing 1944 massacre in occupied France

(Newser) - German police have raided the homes of six former SS soldiers suspected of having taken part in the worst massacre of civilians in Nazi-occupied France. A German war crimes prosecutor says the John Demjanjuk trial inspired him to reopen the investigation into the massacre of 642 men, women, and children... More »

Germany Reopens Hundreds of Nazi Investigations

John Demjanjuk's conviction sets new precedent, say prosecutors

(Newser) - Now that John Demjanjuk has been convicted of war crimes, Germany has reopened investigations into hundreds of other former Nazi death camp guards, looking for ones who might share his profile. Demjanjuk's conviction sets a precedent that could allow others to be charged, prosecutors say, although they are waiting... More »

Demjanjuk Convicted for Role in Nazi Death Camp

Retired Ohio autoworker sentenced to five years

(Newser) - John Demjanjuk, the retired Ohio autoworker charged with 28,060 counts of being an accessory to murder at a Nazi death camp, was convicted and sentenced today to five years in prison. Demjanjuk, a native of Ukraine, was accused of being a guard at Nazi-occupied Poland's Sobibor camp where... More »

FBI: Demjanjuk's Nazi ID Likely a Soviet Fake

25-year-old report up-ends war crimes trial

(Newser) - In the midst of closing arguments in John Demjanjuk's Nazi war crimes trial in Munich, a shocking revelation: AP yesterday reported on the existence of a newly declassified FBI report that claims Demjanjuk's Nazi ID card was "quite likely fabricated" by the Soviet Union. Throughout three decades of hearings... More »

Nazi Trial Witness Now Probed as Nazi Murderer

94-year-old Alex Nagorny accused of having role in mass killings

(Newser) - A witness in the trial of accused Nazi guard John Demjanjuk is himself under investigation for Nazi killings, a German prosecutor tells the AP . Former guards have stated that 94-year-old Alex Nagorny participated in mass shootings at the Treblinka concentration camp in occupied Poland, says the prosecutor. Nagorny, a Ukrainian,... More »

Report: US Gave Nazis 'Safe Haven'

DOJ findings on Nazis in America after war

(Newser) - In the aftermath of World War II, numerous Nazis turned to an unlikely safe haven: the United States of America. The New York Times has obtained a hotly sought-after Justice Department report, which Justice itself tried to block for four years, that details the US government's twisted and complex past... More »

Death Camp Survivor Confronts Demjanjuk

Ukranian guards 'worse than Germans,' Thomas Blatt tells court

(Newser) - One of the very few survivors of Sobibor yesterday recounted death camp horrors at the Munich trial of alleged SS guard John Demjanjuk. Thomas Blatt, 82, told jurors how he saw his parents and 10-year-old brother sent to the gas chambers at the Polish camp, the Independent reports. Ukrainians like... More »

Survivors Weep at Demjanjuk Trial

Names of Sobibor victims read aloud in court

(Newser) - Survivors of Nazi concentration camps and relatives of victims shed tears today at the trial of accused guard John Demjanjuk. The plaintiffs heard a partial list of the 27,900 victims of the Sobibor death camp, where the prosecution alleges Demjanjuk worked. The defendant, strapped to a stretcher, held firm... More »

Stretcher-Bound Demjanjuk Begins Trial

Defense accuses court of 'double-standard' in prosecution

(Newser) - Accused Nazi guard John Demjanjuk started his trial for complicity in 27,900 Holocaust murders in Munich today first in a wheelchair, and then on a stretcher. The Red Army POW/Ohio autoworker even forced a halt to proceedings when he flailed and gasped for breath in the courtroom. “It’... More »

Demjanjuk Farce Is a Funny Kind of Justice

Prosecution seems to be more about German guilt than alleged war criminal's

(Newser) - The world's eyes will be on alleged Nazi war criminal John Demjanjuk when he stands trial in Germany next month, but this dying old man is a strange candidate to be the last Nazi to be tried, writes Scott Raab. Demjanjuk—regardless of whether he is guilty of serving at... More »

Demjanjuk Fit to Stand Trial, Germany Rules

Accused Nazi death-camp guard, 89, is officially stateless

(Newser) - John Demjanjuk is physically able to stand trial for his alleged role as an accessory to murder in a Nazi death camp, German officials ruled today. The family of the retired Ohio autoworker, 89, had said ill health made him unfit, but the only condition doctors imposed was a limit... More »

Demjanjuk Taken to German Prison

Nazi war crimes suspect to hear charges at Munich jail

(Newser) - Accused Nazi guard John Demjanjuk arrived today in Germany and was taken from Munich airport directly to prison, AP reports. German authorities have charged the retired Cleveland auto worker with being an accessory to the murder of some 29,000 civilians in Nazi-occupied Poland. His deportation from the US sets... More »

Demjanjuk Deported, Leaves Ohio for Germany

(Newser) - The US has formally deported John Demjanjuk, who left Cleveland for Munich this evening by medical transport plane and should arrive in Germany tomorrow, the Plain Dealer reports. The attorney for the accused Nazi death camp guard said it may be several months before his client is tried on accessory... More »

Demjanjuk Won't Contest High Court Decision

Deportation to Germany, trial now await alleged Nazi

(Newser) - Alleged Nazi guard John Demjanjuk, 89, will not seek another review of his case by the Supreme Court after the first was dismissed without comment, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports. The concession paves the way for the Ohio man’s deportation to Germany, where he is charged as an accessory... More »

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