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Alaskan Bush People Could Soon Be Alaskan Jail People

The reality stars are in legal trouble for allegedly lying about living in Alaska

(Newser) - Once again reality TV proves to be less real than we've been led to believe. The stars of Discovery Channel's Alaskan Bush People may not be the "born and raised wild" Alaskans the show portrays them to be, the Alaska Dispatch News reports. Six members of the... More »

Alaska's Frigid Rep Just Got Ridiculous

A month before winter starts, temps have already plunged to minus 24

(Newser) - Check out the forecast in Fairbanks, Alaska , for the next few days and you'll see a lot of minus signs. The northernmost state has been slammed with way-below-freezing weather more than a month before winter officially starts, and it could be dangerous if residents aren't careful. "With... More »

Skier's 1,600-Foot Fall Caught on Video

'The most terrifying crash I've ever seen'

(Newser) - Sure it's fast, but it's not the way we would choose to get down a mountain. UPI reports a 24-year-old professional skier survived a 1,600-foot fall while filming footage for an extreme sports film in Alaska's Necola mountains. The film production company, Teton Gravity Research, posted... More »

Alaskan Cod Are Eating Seabirds

And scientists have no idea why

(Newser) - In what could definitely be the inspiration for a SyFy original movie, it appears Pacific cod are working their way up the food chain. A few years ago, Alaskan seafood workers started finding partially digested bird remains inside the stomachs of cod caught in the Aleutian Islands region, the Anchorage ... More »

NAACP Angered by Alaska 'Slave Auction'

It will now be called the Alaska Day Auction

(Newser) - Organizers of an annual Alaska charity event said Monday they'll stop calling it a "slavery auction" after the NAACP complained. The event in the town of Sitka involves people bidding in an auction on volunteers' time, with the winning bidders putting the volunteers to work doing odd jobs,... More »

At Alaskan Natives Conference, Another Suicide

Police say man jumps to his death inside building

(Newser) - The largest annual gathering of indigenous people in Alaska took place over the weekend, with a recent spate of suicides in a rural village among the group's big issues, reports AP . Sadly, the conference was cut short because of yet another suicide inside the very building where members of... More »

US Government Halts New Offshore Arctic Drilling

Government blames sinking oil prices and Shell's lack of success in the Arctic Ocean

(Newser) - In bad news for the Alaskan economy but good news for polar bears, the US government blocked new offshore drilling in Alaska's Arctic Ocean and refused to extend two existing leases for Arctic drilling on Friday, the New York Times reports. The Interior Department cancelled auctions for drilling rights... More »

California Lawmaker Considers Buying Alaska's Water

'An opportunity to think outside the box'

(Newser) - Apparently taking a cue from Captain James. T. Kirk himself, one California politician is looking into the possibility of shipping 9 billion gallons of water from Alaska to the increasingly dry state, USA Today reports. Rep. Janice Hahn held an exploratory meeting last week with Terry Trapp, the CEO of... More »

Alaska Village Has 4th Suicide in 3 Weeks

21-year-old man knew the other 3 who died

(Newser) - If suicides were happening in the rest of the United States at the rate they're taking place in Hooper Bay, Alaska, more than a million young people would have killed themselves since Sept. 24. State troopers say that a 21-year-old man has become the fourth person to die by... More »

In an Alaska Village, a Suicidal Domino Effect

3 young people commit suicide, each one influenced by the one before

(Newser) - A Native village on Alaska's western coast is reeling from back-to-back suicides of three young adults—with each subsequent death influenced by the preceding one. The first death occurred Sept. 24 with the suicide of a 26-year-old man. Alaska State Troopers say the second death occurred Oct. 2 and... More »

Guy Wows Woman With $5K Tip on $120 Massage

Kaleigh Hansen says she'll pay the kindness forward

(Newser) - Kaleigh Hansen must have the magic touch. The massage therapist at the Northern Lights Spa at Anchorage's Ted Stevens International Airport says she gave a Colorado man a basic one-hour massage on Sept. 27 as he waited for a flight back home after a hunting trip, per KTUU . But... More »

In Huge Blow, Shell Gives Up on Offshore Arctic Drilling

Company blames regulation, disappointing results

(Newser) - Royal Dutch Shell says it will cease exploration in Arctic waters off Alaska's coast following disappointing results from an exploratory well backed by billions in investment and years of work. This is a huge blow to Shell, which was counting on offshore drilling in Alaska to help it drive... More »

25 Walruses Found Dead on Beach

Some were missing heads and tusks in Alaska

(Newser) - The US Fish and Wildlife Service is investigating the deaths of 25 Pacific walruses found on an isolated northwest Alaska beach. A person connected to an Air Force radar station in the remote area spotted the animals and notified the agency this week. The animals included 12 pups, and some... More »

3 Dead in Alaska Floatplane Crash

Others were injured

(Newser) - Three people died and others were injured today after a floatplane belonging to a fishing lodge crashed with 10 people on board in southwest Alaska, authorities said. Alaska State Troopers said the three dead were from outside the state. The injured passengers were being flown to Anchorage hospitals following the... More »

Scientists Find Clues to Sailors' Legendary 1813 Survival

26 used supplies from wrecked ship Neva to survive a frosty month in Alaska

(Newser) - To shipwreck in Alaska in the early 19th century was as good as a death sentence—yet 26 aboard the Russian-American Company frigate Neva managed to not only survive its wreck off Kruzof Island but also a month of the winter of 1813. The feat spawned legends stretching over two... More »

Here's How Close Chinese Warships Came to Our Coast

They passed through US waters, about 12 nautical miles from Alaska

(Newser) - Chinese warships weren't just exploring international waters when they ventured close to Alaska on Tuesday. The five ships came within 12 nautical miles of the coast, the Pentagon says, meaning they penetrated US territorial waters, reports the Wall Street Journal . China says its ships sailed to the Bering Sea... More »

As Obama Visits Alaska, So Do Chinese Warships

Bering Sea visit looks like a first, Pentagon says

(Newser) - Bad timing? In what the Pentagon says is a first, five Chinese warships were spotted in international waters in the Bering Sea off the coast of Alaska yesterday as President Obama visited the state, reports the Wall Street Journal . Defense officials say they're not entirely sure what the Chinese... More »

To Catch Russia in Arctic, Obama Wants Icebreakers

In Alaska, president will underscore exploration opportunities we're missing

(Newser) - President Obama yesterday painted a nearly apocalyptic future for Alaska unless global warming is reined in, reports the AP , and today he's going to touch on the flip side of that: The melting Arctic also raises all kinds of exploration and commerce opportunities, and Obama will push for more... More »

Ohio Fuming Over New Name for Mount McKinley

GOP politicians attack decision, blame President Obama

(Newser) - Alaska Natives are certainly pleased that the mountain formerly known as McKinley is now officially Denali , the name people who, say, live in Alaska have called it for years. But those in Ohio, the home state of 25th president William McKinley, are peeved their man has lost the honor. John... More »

Obama Gives Mount McKinley a New Name

Old battle between Alaska, Ohio apparently comes to an end

(Newser) - Looks like North America's tallest mountain won't be Mount McKinley anymore. President Obama announced today that Sally Jewell, the secretary of the interior, has renamed it Denali—restoring a name that Alaska Natives and state residents have used for years, Alaska Dispatch News reports. "I think for... More »

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