Sami al-Hajj

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Onetime Gitmo Detainee Now a Top al-Jazeera Reporter

Al-Hajj finds niche in human rights beat

(Newser) - Sami al-Hajj was a cameraman when US forces captured him in 2001, but now, a year after his release from Guantanamo Bay, he’s mostly seen in front of a camera, as al-Jazeera’s special reporter on human rights. “I wanted to talk for seven years, to make up... More »

Gitmo Detainee Calls al-Jazeera, Alleges Abuse

Prisoner, captured at 14, says he was beaten, tear-gassed

(Newser) - Prisoner abuse at Guantanamo Bay hasn’t gotten any better since Barack Obama took office, one detainee told al-Jazeera yesterday after using newly granted phone privileges to call the Middle Eastern news network. Mohammed al Gharani says he’s been abused “almost every day” since Obama’s term began,... More »

Newsman Freed From Gitmo After 6 Years

Al-Jazeera cameraman held for 6 years

(Newser) - A cameraman was released yesterday from the US prison camp at Guantanamo Bay after being held without charges for 6 years. Al-Jazeera's Sami al-Hajj, who has been on a hunger strike, was immediately taken to a hospital in Khartoum. "I've been dreaming of this moment," said the Sudanese... More »

3 Stories