Panama Canal Zone

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Supermarket Magnate Wins Panama Election

Landslide offers rare right-wing victory in Latin America

(Newser) - A conservative supermarket owner won a landslide victory in Panama's presidential election, in a rare win for the political right in the region. Ricardo Martinelli, a multimillionaire who financed his own campaign, vowed to expand investment in the Panama Canal and introduce a flat tax. "We can't continue to... More »

Citizen Glitch Makes Mac Ineligible to Be Prez: Expert

He's no natural-born American, prof argues

(Newser) - John McCain does not meet the constitutional requirement to be president because he's technically not a natural-born US citizen, a legal professor has concluded. But the expert, who focused on an obscure 1937 law that made McCain a citizen in the months after his birth in the Panama Canal Zone,... More »

Citizen McCain Gains Senate Support

Colleagues back scrappy 'Panamanian,' but resolution isn't law

(Newser) - A New Hampshire man pushing for a federal-court ruling that John McCain isn't eligible to be president will have trouble making his case—but the question of McCain's status as a "natural born citizen" is uncharted legal territory, the Washington Post reports. The Senate voted this week to declare... More »

3 Stories