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Author: Google Ruins Our Brains

Does 'good' software make us stupid?

(Newser) - Does smart software make us stupid? Absolutely, says author Nicholas Carr. In an interview with the BBC , Carr says we are getting a little too much help from technology—and it's changing our wiring for the worse. We are losing our capacity to store information and our ability to concentrate,... More »

New iPhone GPS Would Rock Nav System World

Added technology could spell doom for portable navigation devices

(Newser) - Apple is likely to announce the addition of GPS to the iPhone tomorrow—and that’s bad news for makers of portable satellite-navigation systems, Wired reports. It could also be a dangerous distraction for those on the road, as drivers increasingly turn to tiny mobile-phone screens for directions. The number... More »

Satellite Tech Plays Larger Role for Emergency Crews

First responders use GPS, other tech to find victims

(Newser) - Emergency workers are increasingly turning to global-positioning and vehicle-tracking systems to find their way to victims and dispatch crews more efficiently, USA Today reports. "Clearly, we're in a business where seconds count," an Arizona fire official said. "If you're using GPS or automatic vehicle locator, it's a... More »

GPS Beams Laughs to British Drivers

Comedy sketches make traffic jams a little funnier

(Newser) - The world's first satellite navigation comedy has British drivers chuckling up and down the country's busiest highway, the Guardian reports. The "satcom," called 230 Miles of Love, features audio comedy sketches set to play when drivers reach certain points along the country's 230-mile-long M6 highway. More »

4 Stories