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India PM 'Appalled' by Temple in His Honor

Priest sorry for angering 'god'

(Newser) - Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi doesn't seem to mind basking in his own popularity at huge rallies—but he thinks being literally idolized is a step too far. After supporters in his home state of Gujarat put a bust of him in a temple and tried to dedicate it... More »

Iceland Erecting First Norse Temple in 1K Years

Membership in neo-pagan tribe has recently tripled

(Newser) - Norse paganism fell by the wayside in Iceland when Christianity swept through some 1,000 years ago. Now a modern movement—which views gods as metaphors with lessons to impart, reports the Guardian —is erecting the first temple to Norse gods since the age of the Vikings. "I... More »

Ancient Temple in Ukraine Is Full of Animal Bones

Ukraine site holds possible game pieces, hair decorations

(Newser) - Researchers working in Ukraine are revealing a stunning find: a temple that's older than the invention of writing, LiveScience reports. The temple of wood and clay, which measures 197 feet by 66 feet, contains lots of animal bones—perhaps the remains of animals sacrificed on the building's eight... More »

Oldest Roman Temple Unearthed ... for 3 Days

Likely dedicated to goddess Fortuna

(Newser) - Archaeologists digging in the heart of Rome unearthed what may be the oldest temple to be built in the Eternal City, but don't get your hopes up about visiting the ancient structure. Its foundation sits well below the water line and was only visible for three days. Archaeologists from... More »

Internet Freaks Over Teen's Egypt Graffiti

Parents apologize for Luxor tagging

(Newser) - A 15-year-old Chinese boy's scrawled note on an ancient Egyptian sculpture has sparked international ire. Tens of thousands of Chinese micro-bloggers re-posted an image of the graffiti in the Luxor Temple, which read, "Ding Jinhao was here," CNN reports. "I'm so embarrassed that I want... More »

Sikh Temple Shooter Heavily Involved in Skinhead Scene

Wade Michael Page a member of 2 white power music groups

(Newser) - More details are emerging on Wade Michael Page , the Army vet suspected of killing six at a Sikh temple near Milwaukee, and his involvement in white supremacist groups . Over the past 10 years, Page played guitar and sang in at least two skinhead punk bands, Fox News reports: Definite Hate... More »

7 Dead in Wisconsin Temple Shooting

FBI treating it as domestic terrorism

(Newser) - At least seven people are dead and several injured after a shooting at a Sikh temple outside of Milwaukee today, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. Police are still sorting out the chaotic scene, but at least one gunman opened fire at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in Oak Creek. The... More »

Treasure Worth Billions Found in Hindu Temple

Among the findings: an 18-foot-long necklace

(Newser) - Tucked within six underground vaults at a Hindu temple in southern India sits a treasure estimated to be worth more than $11.2 billion. Among the findings: precious stones, human figurines made of gold, thousands of necklaces (one 18 feet long), and many gold coins—and two of the chambers... More »

Tomb of Old Testament Prophet Discovered?

Archaeologists find spectacular church in Israel, plan to rebury it

(Newser) - Israeli archaeologists have hit on a stunning site in the Judean hills: a 1,500 year-old Byzantine basilica, which sits on top of an even older structure, which sits on top of a series of tunnels, which lead to a small cave that they believe might be the legendary burial... More »

2K Aborted Fetuses Found in Thai Temple

Count soars as police charge woman, 2 morticians in case

(Newser) - Some 2,002 aborted fetuses have now been discovered in a Buddhist temple in Bangkok, up from the 340 reported earlier . “We think that they might have arrived here about a year ago,” said the head of the investigation team. Authorities have arrested a woman on charges of... More »

'Sister' Stonehenge Discovered

Finding indicates far vaster religious complex

(Newser) - Rejoice, druids everywhere. An underground wooden Stonehenge "sister" has been discovered less than a mile north of the famous structure, convincing researchers that the site was a far grander prehistoric religious complex than previously envisioned. Scientists using sophisticated ground-penetrating X-ray machines have found what appears to have been a... More »

Julia Roberts Flick Bars Indian Worshippers From Temple

Villagers none too happy with actress, who was previously considered 'Hindu-friendly'

(Newser) - She may be America’s sweetheart, but villagers in India are not feeling the love for Julia Roberts after the actress caused them to be barred from their temple—at the beginning of a religious celebration, no less, the Telegraph reports. Ironically, Roberts—and her 350-member security team, derided in... More »

Holy Hell: Churches Squeezed by Economy

(Newser) - The hallelujahs are strained in US churches these days as donations plunge at the same time demand for aid is skyrocketing, reports the Wall Street Journal. Congregations across the nation are slashing budgets and even laying off staff, including pastors. Churches and synagogues usually weather downturns well, but not this... More »

Gun Battle in Vienna Temple Wounds 6

Shooters stormed into temple with knives, gun

(Newser) - A mid-afternoon shootout between members of two families at an Indian religious temple in Vienna left nine people seriously injured, Reuters reports. Authorities arrested six men who barged into the Sikh temple with knives and a gun. The men, who number among the wounded, apparently were extremists who opposed the... More »

Thai, Cambodian Troops Trade Border Fire

Fighting flares around disputed jungle temple; no injuries reported

(Newser) - Thai and Cambodian troops have clashed near a disputed temple in a border area, CNN reports. The troops exchanged gunfire and rocket-propelled grenades after Cambodian forces "intruded" into Thai territory, according to a Thai general. A Cambodian government spokesman said the clashes began after Thai troops entered Cambodian territory.... More »

Thais Take Coffin Naps to Fix Karma

$5 buys a few minutes in monastery's gaudy pink boxes

(Newser) - As Thailand's economy slows and its government falters, growing numbers of deeply superstitious citizens are jostling into a pink coffin to "die," the Telegraph reports. At about $5 a head, monks in a monastery outside Bangkok officiate over the "dead bodies" in the coffins, before ushering in... More »

177 Killed in India Temple Stampede

Cause of crush still unknown, police blame slippery slope

(Newser) - A stampede killed at least 177 worshipers at a Hindu temple in western India today, the Times of London reports. Early theories for the crush included a bomb scare and a broken barricade, but police are blaming the steep, slippery path that leads to the temple. Similar stampedes have killed... More »

Syria Car Bomb Kills 17

14 wounded in blast near Damascus airport, temple

(Newser) - A car bomb on the road to Syria’s main airport killed at least 17 passers-by and injured 14 others, the Daily Telegraph reports. The car, at an intersection in the country’s capital, Damascus, had held 440 lbs of explosives; the target of the bomb, which exploded near a... More »

140 Killed in India Temple Stampede

40 children among the dead in mountaintop pilgrimmage

(Newser) - At least 140 people, including at least 40 children, were killed today in a stampede when a restraining rail gave way at a Hindu temple in northern India, the BBC reports. The pilgrims were attending a 9-day religious festival. Authorities used a cable car to remove the injured from the... More »

Cambodia, Thailand on Brink of War

Tensions escalate at disputed temple in border region

(Newser) - Cambodia has appealed to the UN to help defuse an "imminent state of war" with Thailand, the Daily Telegraph reports. Some 1,500 troops armed with heavy artillery are in a standoff at an ancient temple in a disputed frontier area. Cambodian officials are accusing Thailand of aggression and... More »

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