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Lobbyists See Advisory Roles Clipped by New Obama Rule

Feds aim to cut special-interest access; K Streeters demur

(Newser) - An Obama administration rule taking effect over the next few months will take potentially thousands of those oh-so-evil Washington lobbyists off panels advising federal officials on everything from consumer protection to environmental policy. The panels’ web is so tangled, the Post reports, that the feds aren’t even sure how... More »

Even Dems Say Grayson's Nuts

'One fry short of a Happy Meal' after he calls Fed adviser 'a K Street whore'

(Newser) - Rep. Alan Grayson has irked Republicans over the past month or so with his sharp tongue—saying the GOP health plan was for Americans to “die quickly,” then, last week, comparing Dick Cheney to a vampire—but even fellow Dems are up in arms after an interview surfaced... More »

DC Madam as Feminist Entrepreneur

Memoir reveals small-town go-getter with a 'touch of class'

(Newser) - Most know her as the feisty DC Madam who riled up the media by releasing her clients' phone records, but a half-finished memoir obtained by Newsweek reveals Deborah Jeane Palfrey's personal side. A small-town girl turned "fuddy-duddy white lady," she overcame a stifling childhood to turn feminist entrepreneur.... More »

3 Stories