Kerstin Fritzl

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Fritzl: 'I Can't Go Back and Change It'

Jury to decide case today

(Newser) - Monster dad Josef Fritzl apologized "from the bottom of my heart" today for keeping his daughter locked in a cellar as a sex slave for 24 years, then added: "I can't go back and change it." Fritzl, 73, made his remarks as an Austrian jury was about... More »

Dungeon Girl Will Make Full Recovery: Docs

Kerstin Fritzl will develop normally, 'happy' to be with family

(Newser) - A teenager who spent her life imprisoned in an Austrian cellar will recover fully and “develop normally” after major organ failure, said doctors at the hospital where she was treated. Kerstin Fritzl was recently awoken from an induced coma and reunited with her mother and siblings, who now live... More »

Dungeon Girl Wakes From Coma

Reunited with freed mom after life in cellar

(Newser) - A teenager held captive her entire life in an underground dungeon with her mother and siblings has awoken from a seven-week coma, reports the Daily Telegraph. Kerstin Fritzl, 19, was reunited with her mother and other family members in a secure medical ward after flickering back to consciousness. There were... More »

Docs Bringing Fritzl Daughter Out of Coma

Hospitalization of Kerstin led to discovery of incest dungeon

(Newser) - Doctors are attempting to bring Kerstin Fritzl—the girl Josef Fritzl fathered with his own daughter in an Austrian dungeon—out of an induced coma, the Guardian reports. Kerstin, 19, was admitted to hospital April 19 with multiple organ failure, and was sent into a coma to give her time... More »

Fritzl Family Paints Plea for Normalcy

'I am happy about my freedom and about my family,' writes 18-year-old Stefan

(Newser) - Josef Fritzl’s family has broken its silence, the Daily Telegraph reports, with a hand-painted sign hung in a window of their Austrian home. The family thanks the public for its support: “We hope that there will be a time when we can return to normal life,” it... More »

'I Am No Monster': Fritzl

'I could have killed all of them, and no one would have known,' incest dungeon-master says

(Newser) - Josef Fritzl complained today about receiving bad press since admitting to keeping an incestuous second family locked in his Austrian cellar, the Telegraph reports. "I am no monster," Fritzl said through his lawyer, calling his treatment “unfair” and calling the media's narrative “entirely one-dimensional” because it... More »

Police Think Dungeon Dad Raped Granddaughter

Incest daughter Kerstin, 19, still in coma, but likely to live

(Newser) - Josef Fritzl might not have stopped at raping his daughter, Austrian police now say, fearing now that Fritzl raped granddaughter Kerstin, the oldest incest child born in his cellar dungeon, the Daily Mail reports. But police aren't able to question the 19-year-old because she is still in an induced coma,... More »

Dungeon Daughter Will Probably Die

Police would consider murder charges against Fritzl

(Newser) - Kerstin Fritzl, the eldest of Josef Fritzl’s “downstairs family,” has slipped into a coma from which she is unlikely to recover, the Daily Telegraph reports. “She is suffering from multiple organ failure,” said a hospital spokesman. “That means her chances of survival are very... More »

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