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'Magnificent' $4B Carrier Has 'Highly Embarrassing' Problem

Namely, a leak

(Newser) - It's an egg-on-your-face story out of Britain, where the $4 billion spent on a new aircraft carrier was apparently not enough to eliminate all leaks. The BBC reports the HMS Queen Elizabeth was found to be taking on as much as 50 gallons of water an hour due to... More »

The Man Who Erased Islands From Our Maps

One ocean surveyor was charged with erasing phantom islands

(Newser) - When ocean surveyor Captain Sir Frederick Evans became the new chief hydrographer to the Royal Navy in the 1870s, he was tasked with charting the Pacific Ocean, which for more than 400 years had been filling up with "phantom islands," reports Intelligent Life magazine. That is, islands that... More »

Report: Chris Kyle Not World's Deadliest Sniper

British sources say Royal Navy sniper has more kills

(Newser) - Chris Kyle's book calls him the US military's deadliest sniper—but is he the world's? Not according to a British report that credits a Royal Navy sharpshooter with tallying the most kills, the Sun reports via the Telegraph . Unnamed sources say the British corporal is still serving... More »

Shipwreck Canada Most Wanted to Find Is Found

Sir John Franklin's body may still be on HMS Erebus

(Newser) - One of two ships from Sir John Franklin's doomed 1845 Arctic expedition was discovered last month —and Canadian authorities have now confirmed that it was the one they most wanted to find. The well-preserved ship is the HMS Erebus, which was the explorer's flagship and may contain... More »

Explorer Ship Missing Since 1845 Found in Arctic

Vessel that vanished during Franklin Expedition is in Northwest Passage: Canada

(Newser) - In 1845, British explorer Sir John Franklin set off with 128 men on the HMS Terror and HMS Erebus to explore the Arctic's Northwest Passage. Both ships apparently got stuck in the ice and then vanished, earning their place in the annals of Canada's greatest adventure mysteries—until... More »

US Team Finds Sunken WWII Sub

HMS Olympus found on sea floor near Malta

(Newser) - The watery grave of scores of British servicemen has been found nearly 70 years after their submarine was sunk by a mine off the coast of Malta. A team from the American marine archaeology group Aurora Trust used a remotely operated vehicle to find the HMS Olympus on the floor... More »

Navy May Mobilize for Stranded Brits

UK 'exploring all options' for bringing citizens home

(Newser) - With 200,000 Britons stranded abroad by volcanic ash—and an election just weeks away—Britain's government is scrambling to find ways to bring its people home if the travel chaos continues. Government ministers have unveiled an emergency plan that includes using cruise liners, cargo ships, and even the Royal... More »

Grounded Airlines Want Ban Lifted

After test flights, carriers push for reevaluation; UK hold extended

(Newser) - Some airlines have conducted their own test flights and want the ban on most flights over Europe ended, but UK airspace will remain closed until tomorrow evening at the earliest. Air Berlin, Air France/KLM, and Lufthansa have sent aircraft through the cloud of volcanic ash that's crippled air travel for... More »

UK Yacht Couple 'OK' With Somali Pirates

'We are well,' Paul Chandler says by phone

(Newser) - A British couple taken from their yacht by Somali pirates say they’re in good condition and are being held aboard a hijacked container ship. “We are well and being looked after OK,” Paul Chandler, 59, told the BBC by phone today; he also spoke to British channel... More »

Prince William Will Fly to the Rescue

Royal plans to be search and rescue pilot

(Newser) - Prince William’s next military stint  will be as a search-and-rescue pilot for the Royal Air Force, the BBC reports. Having served with the army and navy, the prince learned to fly with the RAP this year and said today, "I now want to build on the experience and... More »

Wills' Ship Busts Coke Runner

Seizes $80M worth of drug near Barbados

(Newser) - The Royal Navy warship Prince William is serving on busted a speedboat carrying $80 million worth of cocaine northeast of Barbados, the Sun reports. The Ministry of Defense said today that Wills was “part of the ship’s company” but would not specify his exact role when they intercepted... More »

Wills Lands Splashy Training in Caribbean

Commanders decide against deploying prince to Persian Gulf

(Newser) - Instead of heading to duty in the Persian Gulf, one Sub Lieutenant Wales is set to embark on several weeks of training in the Caribbean with Britain's Royal Marines and Royal Navy. Prince William "commendably wanted to be as close to the front line as possible," says a... More »

Prince William to Chase Drug Smugglers

Heir will soon join Royal Navy patrol in the Caribbean

(Newser) - Prince William will soon be chasing cocaine smugglers in the Caribbean while he serves a temporary stint with the Royal Navy, the Daily Mirror reports. Military brass say Britain's possible future king needs experience as an officer with all the services, though officials ruled out sending him to Iraq or... More »

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