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Nikki Haley Has Advice for Young Conservatives

Enough with the 'own the libs' mentality, she tells teens

(Newser) - Nikki Haley is making headlines for her advice to young conservatives. While addressing the High School Leadership Summit at George Washington University, the US ambassador to the UN asked the audience members to raise their hands "if you've ever posted anything online to quote-unquote 'own the libs,... More »

GOP Ready to Impeach Rosenstein: Report

House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows has the document in hand

(Newser) - Seems House conservatives are still hoping to see Rod Rosenstein hit the unemployment line. Conservative lawmakers were honing an impeaching filing for the deputy attorney general Friday at the same time he announced 12 indictments against Russians for alleged election hacking, Capitol Hill sources tell Politico . In fact, Rosenstein was... More »

McConnell to Trump: Popular Supreme Court Pick a Bad Idea

The Republican leader sees problems with Brett Kavanaugh

(Newser) - Mitch McConnell has been calling the White House daily, and not to discuss President Trump's golf game . McConnell has been carefully explaining—without explicitly telling Trump what to do—which Supreme Court nominees would get faster approval before the November elections arrive and make everything dicey, insiders tell the... More »

Don't Want Trump to Win in 2020? Stop Being So Preachy

'NYT' piece says liberals don't realize how 'self-righteous' they can be

(Newser) - Retaliation against liberals may be what ends up getting President Trump re-elected. That's Gerard Alexander's take for the New York Times , in which he notes liberals are inspirational in their idealism and smart—but "not as smart and persuasive as they think." Alexander warns that liberals,... More »

In the '80s, He Feared Russia. Now, He Sees Kindred Spirit

WaPo reports Republican right is warming to some in Russia

(Newser) - "My assessment is that it’s definitely part of something bigger." Such is the pronouncement from the man who spent 30 years leading the CIA's Russian operations in a Washington Post article about some American conservatives' new ally: Russians. The article opens with an anecdote about the... More »

Anne Frank Center to Tim Allen: 'Have You Lost Your Mind?'

Wants apology from Allen for comparing being conservative star to being in '30s Germany

(Newser) - The Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect is calling on Tim Allen to apologize for comparing the experience of being a conservative in Hollywood to living in Germany in the 1930s. Allen made the comments on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week while discussing his attendance at President Trump's inauguration,... More »

Fillon Wins French Primary, Vows 'Change of Software'

Handily beats Alain Juppe in conservative runoff

(Newser) - Francois Fillon won France's first-ever conservative presidential primary Sunday after promising drastic free-market reforms and a crackdown on immigration and Islamic extremism, beating a more moderate rival who had warned of encroaching populism, the AP reports. "President! President!" chanted the former prime minister's supporters as he... More »

Facebook Curator: We Buried Conservative News

Former employee tells Gizmodo of bias

(Newser) - A former curator of Facebook's "trending news" feature says employees often deliberately kept conservative news out of the spotlight, reports Gizmodo . “Depending on who was on shift, things would be blacklisted or trending,” says the anonymous ex-employee. For example, stories about the IRS' Lois Lerner scandal,... More »

Kristof: My Liberal 'Confession'

Progressives have a 'blind spot' on diversity toward conservatives

(Newser) - Those on the left talk a good game about the importance of diversity, but they often reveal themselves to be hypocrites on the subject. This sentiment comes not from the right but from liberal columnist Nicholas Kristof in the New York Times . In his piece headlined "A Confession of... More »

'Anti-Obama' YouTube Star Is Done With Conservatism

The teen wants the GOP to get on the right side of race, gender, and youth issues

(Newser) - Thirteen-year-old CJ Pearson became an Internet sensation in conservative circles this year by posting videos with titles like President Obama: Do you really love America?, criticizing Hillary Clinton, and joining the Ted Cruz campaign, Mediaite reports. It helped him amass 5 million viewers on his YouTube channel and 100,000... More »

Actually, Liberals May Be Happier Than Conservatives

It's just that conservatives say they're happier: study

(Newser) - Who's happier, the left or the right? Years of research would say the latter—but a new series of studies is challenging the notion that conservatives are the more cheerful ones, the New York Times reports. The new research, published in Science , finds that while conservatives say they're... More »

Obama's Biggest Problem: He's a Bystander

Dana Milbank agrees with conservatives who criticize his 'hands-off' leadership

(Newser) - Remember when House Republicans agreed to sue President Obama , because they accused him of abusing his authority? Well that lawsuit hasn't gone anywhere since, writes Dana Milbank in the Washington Post . It's no wonder Republicans aren't in a hurry, he writes, because "the real problem with... More »

Seminal Moment for Auto Industry: Today's VW Vote

Republicans urging workers in Chattanooga, Tenn., not to unionize

(Newser) - Some 1,570 workers at a Chattanooga, Tenn., Volkswagen plant will today finish a vote started Wednesday on whether they want to join the United Auto Workers union, in a potential turning point for the labor movement and the Southern auto industry. The UAW has never managed to organize a... More »

Conservative Group Spends Big to Oust ... GOP Leaders?

ForAmerica promises 6-figure campaign

(Newser) - The so-called GOP civil war may be going from cold to hot. The conservative group ForAmerica tells CNN that it intends to spend six figures on a campaign it's calling " Dump the Leadership ," aimed at deposing all the GOP's leaders in both the House and Senate.... More »

'Too Liberal' McCain in Hot Water With Arizona GOP

In reprimand, senator's record called 'disastrous and harmful'

(Newser) - Seems John McCain is getting too liberal for Arizona conservatives—so liberal that the state's Republican party has formally reprimanded the senator for his "disastrous and harmful" record, Politico reports. At a party meeting in Tempe yesterday, the party hammered McCain for assisting Democrats on immigration reform, ignoring... More »

Boehner Slams Conservative Critics

Speaker says right-wing groups out of line for criticism of budget deal

(Newser) - John Boehner slammed political advocacy groups today, which would be no big surprise except the groups in his sights are on the right, not the left. "They're using our members and they're using the American people for their own goals," Boehner told reporters, after prominent conservative... More »

Texas Students Cancel 'Catch an Immigrant' Game

Conservative group's plan caused ruckus at University of Austin

(Newser) - Student conservatives at the University of Austin at Texas today canceled their planned "Catch an Illegal Immigrant Game," where students were to run around campus wearing "Illegal Immigrant" signs, the Austin American-Statesman reports. In the game, which was to be held tomorrow, members of the Young Conservatives... More »

Republicans Turn Up Heat on Sebelius (Sort of)

President stands by health secretary despite (some) pressure from GOP

(Newser) - Ten Republican senators sent a letter to President Obama yesterday demanding that he fire Kathleen Sebelius over ObamaCare's online debut, but Obama wasted no time in reaffirming his support for the embattled Health and Human Services secretary. "If a similar rollout from any other national company or private-sector... More »

Believe It or Not, the GOP Is Winning

The whole policy discussion is still being held on their terms

(Newser) - Republicans may look like they're cleaning egg off their face right now. "House Republicans have suffered a huge tactical defeat of their own devising," writes George Packer at the New Yorker . "But in a larger sense, the Republicans are winning, and have been for the past... More »

What Did Ted Cruz's Non-Filibuster Accomplish?

Some pundits think it helped only Cruz himself

(Newser) - Ted Cruz's 21-hour talk-a-thon is over , and while it may not have blocked a vote on the continuing resolution, it certainly succeeded in getting people talking. Here's what they're saying:
  • Cruz's fellow Republicans "staged an intervention" beforehand, warning him that it might hurt the party,
... More »

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