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For Fee, Papa John's Will Send Your Pizza to Front of Line

They're testing the 'priority' service

(Newser) - Papa John's is taking a page from the airline industry and testing a fee that lets people bump their pizza orders to the front of the line. The chain says the $2.99 "Papa Priority" fee was recently launched in select locations, and it's looking for ways... More »

Know This Man in a Beer Bottle Getup? Call the Cops

Suspect in Wales proves beer and pizza don't always go together

(Newser) - If you follow South Wales Police's Twitter account, you may have seen an odd picture fly down your feed early Wednesday, per ITV . "Recognise this guy?" the police posted , showing a photo of someone who looked less like a guy and more like a giant Heineken bottle. That'... More »

He Couldn't Reach Police, So He Called Papa John's

Nebraska man got quick confirmation his grandma was OK in hurricane's wake

(Newser) - The far-flung family of Claire Olsen found a novel way to contact the 87-year-old after Hurricane Matthew knocked out her phone service. Eric Olsen talked to his grandmother Friday morning but as of Sunday hadn't heard anything since. "I was calling the police department, I was calling the... More »

Top 10 Fast-Food Chains for Customer Satisfaction

Chick-fil-A is tops, McDonald's at the bottom

(Newser) - The bad news keeps on coming for Chipotle . The restaurant saw the biggest drop in this year's American Customer Satisfaction Index for fast-food restaurants, reports Consumerist . It was No. 2 last year and No. 9 this year—but at least it's ahead of McDonald's, which finished dead... More »

Papa John's Franchisee Gets Jail for Dodging Overtime

NYC owner also to cough up more than $500K in back pay, damages, penalties

(Newser) - A Papa John's owner tried to make a buck off his employees' backs, and now he's paying big time. Abdul Jamil Khokhar, who owns nine of the chain's restaurants in the NYC area along with BMY Foods, has pleaded guilty to not paying the correct minimum wage... More »

Papa John's Beloved Camaro Stolen, Recovered

It was dumped in the driveway of an abandoned home

(Newser) - Thieves stole a Chevy Camaro from a classic-car show in Detroit over the weekend, but the problem is that it happened to belong to a man named John Schnatter, aka Papa John of the national pizza chain. That led to a $10,000 reward to find the culprits and huge... More »

Papa John's Menu Changes Will Cost It $100M a Year

Joins growing list of companies shunning artificial ingredients

(Newser) - Papa John's is spending a literal fortune in order to more perfectly live up to its "Better Ingredients, Better Pizza" slogan. America's No. 3 pizza chain has penned a 14-item list of artificial ingredients and additives—corn syrup, dyes, and preservatives—that it'll stop using by... More »

Guy Starts Robbery, Changes Mind, Gets Free Pizza

He breaks down, says family is hungry

(Newser) - A man who apparently summoned the courage to rob a Montana pizzeria changed his mind as the clerk started to hand him money, broke down crying, and ended up leaving with a pizza to feed his hungry family. Just after midnight one night this week, a man wearing a hooded... More »

Right Gears Up for 'Papa John's Appreciation Day'

Anti-ObamaCare event inspired by support for Chick-fil-A

(Newser) - Chick-fil-A redux? ObamaCare opponents plan to flock to Papa John's today to support the company's stance against the law. More than 18,000 people have confirmed their attendance on a Facebook event for "National Papa John's Appreciation Day." CEO John Schnatter "has received intense... More »

It's a Rough Day for Papa John's

Company faces lawsuit, boycott

(Newser) - One large pepperoni, a text-message scandal, and a boycott on the side, please. Papa John's is in the middle of a big mess on two fronts, one in court and one in the media. Here's a look at both:
  • Papa John's is in the midst of a
... More »

Colbert: No Way Am I Paying More for Papa John's

Bemoans ObamaCare's reported effect on pizza prices

(Newser) - Stephen Colbert is outraged by the news that ObamaCare could increase the cost of Papa John's pizza by a whopping 14 cents. "People will not pay another cent" for the pies, Colbert asserted last night , "because when you order a Papa John's pizza, it's only... More »

ObamaCare Fallout: Higher Papa John's Pizza Prices

CEO estimates an extra 11 to 14 cents per pizza

(Newser) - ObamaCare may bring health insurance to the masses, but it will also bring them higher Papa John's pizza prices, Politico reports. In a conference call last week, CEO John Schnatter—a Mitt Romney supporter—revealed that should the Affordable Care Act go into effect in 2014 as scheduled, it... More »

Domino's Managers Torch Papa John's: Cops

The pair allegedly built an ignition device but didn't use it

(Newser) - Talk about taking your job a little too seriously. A pair of Domino's Pizza managers in Lake City, Florida, have been charged with burning down a rival Papa John's Pizza franchise, the Ocala Star-Banner reports. Police arrested one manager, Sean Everett Davidson, 23, on Thursday, and say he... More »

Papa John's Hits $1B in Online Pizza Sales

Pizzamaker hits milestone as Internet becomes serious doughmaker for industry

(Newser) - Papa John's passed the $1-billion mark in online pizza orders yesterday, trumpeting growth in Internet sales averaging 50% per year since it debuted the service in 2001. Domino’s and Pizza Hut join the third-place pizza-delivery chain in reporting that the Internet is giving the business new life and increasing... More »

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