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How McCain Became a Senate Power

After 2000 defeat, he remade himself as master dealmaker

(Newser) - Prior to his 2000 bid for the White House, John McCain spent more time mocking his fellow senators than compromising with them. But after his defeat, the Arizona legislator returned to the Senate with a softened demeanor and got down to the business of legislation. The New York Times looks... More »

Hairsplitting Obama Shifts to the Center

From gun laws to wiretapping, candidate tacks away from the left

(Newser) - When the Supreme Court struck down Washington, DC's ban on handguns yesterday, Barack Obama gave the opinion a muted welcome, endorsing both the right to bear arms and anti-gun laws. Obama's measured, even tortured response—after seeming to support the ban in February—is the latest in a series of... More »

Brown, Clinton Suffer Same Fate

For Clinton and Brown, Iraq is the unspoken element

(Newser) - In the last few weeks, two giants of center-left politics—Hillary Clinton in America and Gordon Brown in Britain—have seen their electoral chances reduced to near impossibility. Both have struggled as uncharismatic politicians in a media age. But for one columnist in London's Times, their trajectories have more important... More »

3 Stories