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Details Leak Out on $199 Google Tablet

Nexus 7 could compete with the iPad and Google Fire, analysts say

(Newser) - Google is jumping into the tablet market with the Nexus 7, a 7-inch tablet that starts at $199 and runs on a new Android operating system, Gizmodo Australia reports. One caveat: The following is based on a leaked training document that "could prove to be an elaborate fake,"... More »

Laptops Go 3-D

Serious gamers will appreciate latest model, writes Katherine Boehret

(Newser) - Not everybody's going to want a 3D laptop, but two new models offer an extra dimension to two different kinds of computer users, writes Katherine Boehret. The $770 Acer Aspire is aimed at the mainstream market. It's designed mainly as a trusty all-round laptop and uses a "slightly clumsy"... More »

Dirt-Cheap Netbooks Might Save Media Industry

Paying for content, not hardware, is the key

(Newser) - There might be hope yet for the media industry, “because the tech industry is screwed too,” writes Simon Dumenco for Advertising Age. With light, cheap netbooks squeezing the profit out of the hardware, makers are partnering with media providers (ie, Acer selling netbooks for $100, plus 2-year AT&... More »

Subnotebooks Don't Quite Measure Up

Lenovo, Asus debut lightweights that are close, but not there

(Newser) - Hamstrung by poor battery life, and burdened with an overly weighty Vista operating system that makes starting up a drag, a pair of new subnotebook computers offer a glimpse of what could be—but isn’t quite, writes Wall Street Journal tech guru Walt Mossberg. Lenovo’s IdeaPad—a junior... More »

4 Stories