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The People Behind the NSA Leaks

Glenn Greenwald faces Justice Department investigation

(Newser) - How did word of the NSA's massive Internet and phone surveillance programs leak to the press? We don't know much, but it looks like the story comes from one or more insiders who object to the government's actions. Here's what we know:
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NYT Cozied Up to Spitzer Staff Amid Scandal

Emails reveal friendly exchanges between reporters, sources

(Newser) - The New York Times may have broken the news that Eliot Spitzer had a prostitute problem, but it was awfully nice to Spitzer’s staff amid the scandal. Gawker used New York’s open records law to snag a huge number of emails between reporters and Spitzer’s people, and... More »

'Experts' Too Often Feeding From Industry Troughs

Press misses, ignores where funds come from

(Newser) - Media consumers, beware: that assertive, well-versed, trustworthy "expert" may in fact be an industry shill, Shannon Brownlee and Jeanne Lenzer write on Slate. Journalists across the board, and even some radio hosts, are failing to disclose financial ties to various industries—drug companies being a prime example—fudging the... More »

3 Stories