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No More Garden Yetis? SkyMall Files for Bankruptcy

In-flight magazine no longer has a captive audience

(Newser) - It was just a matter of time : The company behind SkyMall, the inflight magazine that pitched air travelers stuff they didn't need, has filed for bankruptcy. It could go no longer compete now that people are allowed to fire up their smartphones and tablets on the plane, especially against... More »

How SkyMall Is Trying to Avoid Sears' Fate

Catalog battles mobile devices for passengers' attention

(Newser) - SkyMall isn't exactly flying high these days. Between May and September of last year, the iconic in-flight catalog lost $3.2 million, and the Los Angeles Times has one explanation: While the catalog still reaches 600 million flyers yearly thanks to the seat-back pocket, that audience is no longer... More »

Feeling Lethal? SkyMall Catolog Has Just the Thing

Merchandise can take a sinister turn, given the right mood

(Newser) - Browsing airplane catalogs already hints at a certain crazed desperation. But just in case that yapping businessman on your flight pushes you into a homicidal rage, Jezebel points out that SkyMall merch can also facilitate murder (first, allow 4-6 weeks for delivery):
  1. Lawn Aerator Sandals: 1.5-inch spikes covering the
... More »

3 Stories