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Cops Make Arrest in Cyberbullying Suicide

Netherlands man, 35, allegedly blackmailed Canadian teen Amanda Todd

(Newser) - Netherlands police have arrested a 35-year-old man who allegedly blackmailed a Canadian teenager over nude photos before she killed herself , reports the CBC . Amanda Todd's case drew international headlines because of a YouTube video the 15-year-old posted before her death in 2012 detailing her ordeal. A Netherlands report says... More »

Introducing the Glow-in-the-Dark Highway

'Route 66 of the future' meant to save energy

(Newser) - What's flat, half a kilometer long, and glows in the dark like something out of a Tron movie? If you guessed a stretch of highway in the Netherlands, you're right. The N329 highway outside of Oss is part of a project to improve the common highway. The 500-meter... More »

Secret Service Suspected of Drinking, Crashing Car

As new details about Netherlands debauch come to light

(Newser) - The Secret Service's Netherlands debauch wasn't the agency's first questionable incident this month: Two counter-sniper officers were involved in a car accident on March 7, during President Obama's visit to Miami, and they were suspected of drinking, multiple sources tell the Washington Post . The driver, however,... More »

Giraffe Nuzzles Dying Zoo Worker

Terminally ill man wanted to say goodbye

(Newser) - One of the week's viral photos got that way for a nice reason. The image shows a giraffe at the Blijdorp Zoo in Rotterdam, Netherlands, giving a kiss of sorts to a terminally ill zoo worker, reports ABC News . Mario Eijs, who is mentally disabled, has a brain tumor... More »

Message in Bottle Gets a Reply, 23 Years Later

Zoe Averianov dropped bottle in North Sea in 1990 at age 10

(Newser) - A UK woman got a pretty unexpected Christmas card this holiday season—a response to a 23-year-old message in a bottle she'd dropped in the North Sea as a child. While on a ferry from England to Belgium in 1990, Zoe Lemon—now Zoe Averianov—wrote a note explaining,... More »

On Kids, Life, and Marriage, Look to the Dutch

Not getting married isn't seen as an inferior life choice: Katie Roiphe

(Newser) - A visit to the Netherlands convinced Katie Roiphe at Slate that the Dutch have a much healthier attitude toward marriage than Americans. She sums up the view from Amsterdam thusly: "Marriage is not for everyone; it is a personal choice, an option, a pleasant possibility, but not marrying is... More »

Dutch Find 139 Artworks Likely Looted by Nazis

Netherlands completes major review of all museum collections

(Newser) - Dutch museums have found 139 artworks that may have been looted during the Nazi era, they announced today. Among the works: One of the country's top tourist draws, Henri Matisse's 1921 "Odalisque" painting of a half-nude reclining woman at Amsterdam's Stedelijk museum, along with 68 more... More »

Art Thief Wants to Sue Museum: It Made Job Too Easy

Radu Dogaru says Dutch museum should share costs of theft due to negligence

(Newser) - We've surely all been there: You walk into a museum and think, "Wow, this place has so little security, it'd be a crime not to steal a painting!" The accused ringleader in a huge daytime heist of Picasso, Matisse, and Monet works from a Dutch museum... More »

Nobel Committee Turned to Twitter to Find Winner

Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons currently working in Syria

(Newser) - A 16-year-old won this year's Nobel Peace Prize, but, no, it wasn't Malala . Instead, the honor goes to the group currently at work trying to get rid of Bashar al-Assad's chemical weapons in Syria—the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, or OPCW, reports the LA ... More »

Ex-SS Agent, 92, Tried for Murder in Germany

Siert Bruins accused of shooting resistance fighter

(Newser) - The murder trial of a 92-year-old ex-SS member—one of the final such trials, the BBC notes—has begun in Germany. Siert Bruins, a German born in the Netherlands, allegedly killed a Dutch resistance fighter in 1944. Prosecutors say Bruins drove captured fighter Aldert Klaas Dijkema to a deserted area,... More »

Dutch Prince Dies After Year in Coma

Prince Johan Friso buried in an avalanche while skiing in 2012

(Newser) - A sad coda to the story of Dutch Prince Johan Friso, who was buried in an avalanche while skiing nearly 18 months ago: The royal family today announced that the 44-year-old has died. CNN reports that the family described him as being in "a state of minimal consciousness" since... More »

Pile of Ashes Could Be Remains of Stolen Picasso

...and Matisse, Monet, and 4 more paintings

(Newser) - A Romanian museum is analyzing ashes found in a stove to see if they are the remains of seven paintings by Picasso, Matisse, Monet, and others that were stolen last year from the Netherlands, an official said yesterday. Romania's National History Museum is examining the ashes found at the... More »

Some of Our Nukes Kept ... in the Netherlands

22 bombs held at air base: ex-PM Ruud Lubbers

(Newser) - Rumors have long circulated that the Netherlands stores US nuclear bombs—and a former prime minister says they're true. There are 22 US nukes in the country, Ruud Lubbers says, and they're kept underground at an air base. The weapons are said to be 50-kiloton B61 bombs from... More »

Horrors: Belgian Royals Must Now Pay Taxes

Their allowances also are cut, except for the reigning king

(Newser) - Belgium is taking after the monarchies of Britain and the Netherlands and trimming the royal purse strings. Reigning King Albert II is exempt, but other royals are going to pay income taxes for the first time and get smaller allowances, reports Reuters . For instance, in the case of Queen Fabiola—... More »

Volleyball Star's Death Tied to Business Dispute: Cops

Former volleyball club director arrested in Ingrid Visser's death

(Newser) - A double murder in the world of volleyball is dominating the news in Spain and the Netherlands, and Spanish police say the whole affair could be business-related. Dutch volleyball star Ingrid Visser and her partner, Lodewijk Severein, went missing shortly after arriving in Murcia, Spain, earlier this month. On Sunday... More »

Anne Frank Charity Battles ... Anne Frank Charity

Group compares rivals to Nazis

(Newser) - Two organizations bearing Anne Frank's name are in a bitter dispute over the possession of the Frank family archive, in an echo of a court battle they fought in the 1990s over which one had the right to trademark the Holocaust victim's name. The conflict between the Basel,... More »

Dutch Get 1st King in 120 Years

Huge street party greets Willem-Alexander

(Newser) - It's party time in Amsterdam: Queen Beatrix has signed her abdication papers, making her son Willem-Alexander the country's first king since William III died in 1890. Huge orange-clad crowds gathered in the Dutch capital to say farewell to the popular queen and celebrate the annual Queen's Day... More »

Man Who 'Slowed the Internet' Arrested: Officials

Sven Kamphuis accused of 'unprecedented heavy attacks'

(Newser) - Spanish police have nabbed a suspect in a cyberattack called the biggest in history . Authorities in Barcelona arrested a Dutch man known as "SK." That's Sven Olaf Kamphuis, the head of Cyberbunker, an organization opposed to spam-fighting group Spamhaus, a friend says. Kamphuis is "suspected of... More »

Dutch Freak Over 'Imbecilic' New Royal Song

Composer withdraws piece for new king

(Newser) - So much for a beloved new royal anthem. As the Netherlands' crown prince, Willem-Alexander, prepares to ascend the throne, a British-born composer wrote an official song to mark the occasion. But instead of celebrating, some 38,000 people have signed an online petition utterly rejecting the tune, performed by 51... More »

Horsemeat Strikes Again: Dutch Pull 50K Tons of 'Beef'

Recall affects some 500 companies throughout Europe

(Newser) - Dutch authorities are recalling some 50,000 tons of meat that was sold as beef across Europe and possibly containing horse meat, because the exact source of the meat cannot be established. The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority said today that around 370 different companies around Europe and... More »

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