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Scientists Want to Build an Inflatable Shield Around Mars

To keep out solar wind and radiation, rebuild planet's atmosphere

(Newser) - Mars isn't particularly habitable to humans at the moment, but NASA's latest brainstorm could one day bring back the planet's beaches—or at least some of its oceans, Engadget reports. At a workshop in DC last week, scientists from the agency's Planetary Science Division presented the... More »

New Taser Tech Would Electrify Cops' Shields

'Peel and stick' film can be used without raising a traditional weapon

(Newser) - Rioters might finally have met their match: Taser International is rolling out a “peel and stick” film to electrify cops' shields—so they won’t even have to fire the gun-shaped original to render troublemakers immobile, Wired reports. The product was unveiled at a showcase that also includes shock-inducing... More »

2 Stories