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@RapedAtSpelman Tweets of Alleged Gang-Rape

Spelman University says it's investigating

(Newser) - Another allegation of campus rape is generating national headlines, this time at Atlanta's Spelman University. In a series of anonymous tweets at the account @RapedAtSpelman , a self-identified freshman says she went to a party, got drunk, and visited the bathroom to vomit. "(A)nd when I opened the door... More »

Racism Is No Excuse, Obama Tells Black Grads

Encourages Morehouse grads to overcome inequality, give back to community

(Newser) - Obama delivered the commencement speech at the historically black, all-male Morehouse College today, encouraging graduates to use their education to help others in their communities, act as role models to other young black men, and to achieve success in spite of racism, rather than using it as an excuse to... More »

Cain Sat Out Civil Rights Movement

He became political only when government raised minimum wage, his taxes

(Newser) - Herman Cain came of age in the heat of the civil rights movement, but unlike many of his politically conscious peers at the predominantly black Morehouse College, he largely ignored it. “I wasn’t determined to make social change,” Cain tells the Wall Street Journal . “I wanted... More »

Morehouse Bans Students in Drag

College's new dress code has unusual stipulation

(Newser) - Morehouse College insists that the "image of the strong black man needs to be upheld," and that most definitely involves not dressing up like a strong black woman. The school's new dress code has the usual stuff like banning do-rags and lewd T-shirts. But it also includes a... More »

Morehouse to Have First White Valedictorian

He spurned Ivies for perspective gained at the black college

(Newser) - On Sunday, the historically black Morehouse College will graduate its first white valedictorian, the AP reports. Joshua Packwood is graduating with a perfect 4.0 GPA and says the recruiter who talked to him about Morehouse didn't initially realize he was white. "I've been forced to see the world... More »

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