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Nazi-Art Hoarder, Germany Cut a Deal

Team will spend a year reviewing nearly half Cornelius Gurlitt's stash

(Newser) - Germany and Cornelius Gurlitt, who made headlines last year when his trove of Nazi-era art was uncovered, have hammered out a deal that could send some of the works back to their rightful owners, the New York Times reports. Under the official agreement announced yesterday, government-selected investigators will, over the... More »

Hitler May Have Married a Jew

Documentary suggests Eva Braun has Jewish ancestry

(Newser) - A British documentary airing next week makes an astonishing claim: Hitler inadvertently married a Jew in one of his last acts before suicide, reports the Telegraph . The Channel 4 show, Dead Famous DNA, maintains that hair from Eva Braun's brush suggests she had Jewish ancestry on her mother's... More »

Dig at Nazi Camp Reveals Gas Chamber, Graves

Archeologist finds first physical evidence at Treblinka

(Newser) - The Nazis tore down their notorious Treblinka death camp in 1943 and did their best to hide any physical evidence it ever existed. The strategy mostly worked, but some high-tech archeology is finally revealing the camp's secrets, reports LiveScience . British archeologist Caroline Sturdy Colls led a team that conducted... More »

Nazi-Art Hoarder's 2nd Trove Even More 'Significant'

Cornelius Gurlitt's Austrian home includes 60 works from Manet, Monet, Pissarro

(Newser) - If you thought the $1.3 billion in art discovered in 2012 in Cornelius Gurlitt's Munich apartment was impressive, this week's find may top it. Among the 60 or so artworks found in the Austrian home of Gurlitt—son of Nazi-approved art dealer Hildebrand Gurlitt—are pieces from... More »

Art Stash Found in Nazi-Art Hoarder's 2nd Home

A rep for Cornelius Gurlitt says they do not appear to have been looted

(Newser) - In November came the news that German tax inspectors investigating an elderly loner in 2012 uncovered a cache of 1,406 works, at least some since confirmed to have been looted by the Nazis, stashed amid expired cans of food in the man's squalid Munich apartment. That man, Cornelius... More »

Did Nazis Try to Weaponize Mosquitoes?

Researcher thinks documents prove Hitler's biological weapon ban was ignored

(Newser) - Were Nazi scientists planning to unleash disease-carrying mosquitoes on the Allies? It's a long-running debate, but one biologist thinks he's uncovered evidence that indicates they were. Klaus Reinhardt believes that the entomological institute at Dachau was actually working on weaponizing mosquitoes, National Geographic reports. As evidence, he cites... More »

Inside the Holocaust's 2M 'Invisible' Executions

Millions killed at thousands of sites throughout Eastern Europe

(Newser) - Yesterday marked the 69th anniversary of Auschwitz's liberation, and the New York Times marks the solemn occasion with a look at a less widely known fact about the Holocaust: At least 2 million of the 6 million Jews who were killed died not at Auschwitz or any other concentration... More »

Hitler's Villainous SS Chief Revealed in Nazi Trove

Heinrich Himmler's personal papers give unprecedented glimpse of Nazi leadership

(Newser) - In history books, he was the chief architect of the systematic genocide of 6 million Jews. But in the pages of Germany's Welt am Sonntag newspaper, SS chief Heinrich Himmler is intimately depicted feeding a fawn or strolling with a daughter, and as the author of love letters to... More »

Professor Uncovers Nazi-Tinged Atrocity in Brazil

Farm tied to fascists enslaved young boys

(Newser) - A Brazilian history professor has helped a former rancher uncover the secret history of his farm—and it's a dark one. It began with two odd discoveries: a broken wall in a pigsty that revealed each brick had a swastika imprinted on a long-hidden side, and a photo believed... More »

Minneapolis Man Ordered Nazi-led Massacre: Soldier

German prosecutor recommends murder charges against Michael Karkoc

(Newser) - New evidence suggests that Michael Karkoc, the former Nazi SS commander found living in Minnesota , may have actually ordered the 1944 attack on Chlaniow , in which 44 Polish villagers, including women and children, were killed. Initially, Karkoc was simply said to have been near the scenes of that and other... More »

Nazi-Era Art Hoarder: I Want My Pictures Back

Cornelius Gurlitt relents, gives interview

(Newser) - A German man caught hoarding $1.3 billion in Nazi-era art has relented to the media glare and given an interview—in which he describes himself as a sad, lonely man who had nothing but great art to keep him company. "I'm just a very quiet person,"... More »

Recluse Who Held Trove of Nazi Art Has Vanished

Prosecutor says officials don't know where Cornelius Gurlitt is right now

(Newser) - Yesterday came the news that German tax inspectors investigating an elderly loner in 2011 uncovered a stash of Nazi-looted art believed to be worth $1.35 billion. Today comes the details: The BBC reports the total haul recovered from Cornelius Gurlitt's Munich apartment was 1,258 unframed works and... More »

$1.3B of Nazi-Seized Art Found in Squalid Apartment

Dealer's son sat on huge stash for decades in Munich

(Newser) - German tax inspectors investigating an elderly loner were staggered to find a cache of 1,500 masterpieces stashed amid expired cans of food in the man's squalid Munich apartment. The art—believed to include works by Matisse, Picasso, and Chagall—was confiscated by Nazi authorities or bought for rock-bottom... More »

Dutch Find 139 Artworks Likely Looted by Nazis

Netherlands completes major review of all museum collections

(Newser) - Dutch museums have found 139 artworks that may have been looted during the Nazi era, they announced today. Among the works: One of the country's top tourist draws, Henri Matisse's 1921 "Odalisque" painting of a half-nude reclining woman at Amsterdam's Stedelijk museum, along with 68 more... More »

Musical Score May Reveal Where Nazi Treasure Lies

Two Dutchmen think it's in Mittenwald, southern Germany

(Newser) - It's quite the fanciful story: Nazis buried diamonds and 100 gold bars in a Bavarian town during World War II, in a spot whose location was encoded into an annotated piece of sheet music by Adolf Hitler's private secretary. That score, to Gottfried Federlein's "March Impromptu,... More »

Holocaust Survivors Live Longer—Among Men

Study looked at 55K emigrants from Poland to Israel

(Newser) - Think Holocaust victims suffer from survivor's guilt? Maybe, but according to a new study, Holocaust survivors live an average of 6 months longer than those who avoided the Nazi menace, Pacific Standard reports. Among 55,220 emigrants from Poland to modern-day Israel, men who lived in Europe between 1939... More »

'Hitler' Bell Still Rings Hourly

For 80 years, the Austrian government owned a bell glorifying Hitler

(Newser) - For 80 years, a large bell in an ancient castle in the sleepy village of Wolfpassing, Austria, has rung every hour. Charming—except the bell is a monument to Adolf Hitler, complete with a swastika and inscribed with praise for the "unifier and Fuehrer of all Germans." Even... More »

Final Hunt Is On for 60 Believed Nazis

Simon Wiesenthal Center's poster campaign hits Germany

(Newser) - There are believed to be about 60 surviving former Nazis fit to stand trial—and the Simon Wiesenthal Center wants to track them all down. The US-based organization has distributed some 2,000 posters across Berlin, Hamburg, and Cologne calling for tips, the BBC reports. The posters read: "Operation... More »

Nazi-Fighting 'Night Witch' Dead at 91

Nadezhda Popova flew 852 missions in WWII

(Newser) - There can't be too many World War II heroes with a better nickname than this: The "Night Witches" were a group of Russian women who piloted bomb-laden crop dusters over the invading German army, and their story is getting a fresh look in the wake of the death... More »

'Italian Schindler' Likely Sent Jews to Auschwitz

John Paul II called Giovanni Palatucci a martyr

(Newser) - Washington's Holocaust Museum is taking down a display on a man once called the "Italian Schindler" for reportedly helping rescue thousands of Jews: It seems Giovanni Palatucci, whose legacy prompted Pope John Paul II dub him a martyr, may actually have worked with the Nazis in sending Jews... More »

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