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The Last Word in Roman Polanski Commentary

Calvin Trillin: 'He only raped one little girl'

(Newser) - The debate raging over Roman Polanski—hairsplitting over the definitions of guilt, genius, and rape, among other pertinent terms—has been missing one thing: verse. Veteran journalist and author Calvin Trillin dons his poet hat to take up the slack, devastatingly. His latest contribution to the Nation's "Deadline Poet"... More »

Eloquence Can, in Fact, Be Presidential

Those dismissing Obama's speaking skills miss a key point of the role of a president

(Newser) - It’s a bit weird to defend something like eloquence, but that’s just the task to which the primary season has inspired Calvin Trillin, writing in the Los Angeles Times. Rivals and pundits alike dismiss Barack Obama’s eloquence as some kind of liability, whereas Trillin sees in the... More »

2 Stories