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Their Husbands Died on Everest. Now They'll Climb It Themselves

Furdiki Sherpa and Nima Doma Sherpa want to honor their late spouses, inspire others

(Newser) - Their husbands were Sherpas who died trying to ascend Mount Everest. Now, Furdiki Sherpa and Nima Doma Sherpa have announced they're about to make their own climb up the treacherous mountain, both to inspire other single women and to help with their own healing, per Reuters . "We are... More »

After Their Spouses' High-Profile Deaths Came ... Love

The unlikely/likely match: 'When Breath Becomes Air' widow, 'The Bright Hour' widower

(Newser) - The memoirs were published to praise and, in both cases, posthumously. Paul Kalanithi's When Breath Becomes Air was released in 2016 and chronicled the 37-year-old's experience with lung cancer; the next year came The Bright Hour from Nina Riggs, a woman whose life was cut short by breast... More »

Movie Theater Victim's Wife: 'My Whole World Shattered'

Nicole Oulson says couple were on rare date night when shooting occurred

(Newser) - Nicole Oulson spoke out yesterday about the shooting death of her husband, Chad, over the small matter of texting in a movie theater. The couple had been on a rare "date night" away from their 22-month-old daughter, "so I was just so excited and looking forward to spending... More »

Tamerlan's Widow Still Under Scrutiny

Investigators find radical material on her laptop

(Newser) - Investigators say DNA found on a fragment of one of the Boston bombs is not a match with samples taken from the widow of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, reports NBC News . But that doesn't mean 24-year-old Katherine Russell is in the clear. In fact, authorities are "sharpening" their investigation of... More »

Widows Forced Into Foreclosure by Mortgage Rules

Fine print keeps them from taking over the house

(Newser) - The housing crisis may be ebbing, but a particularly vulnerable group is falling into foreclosure because of the fine print on mortgages, the New York Times reports. Widows are finding that they can't take over the mortgage—which is usually in their husband's name—without being up-to-date on... More »

Swayze's Widow Finds Love Again

Lisa Niemi dating a new man 3 years after Patrick's death

(Newser) - Lisa Niemi said in 2010 that life after husband Patrick Swayze's death wasn't "getting better," but now, three years after his death, Niemi is finding happiness again—at least according to the National Enquirer . She's been dating jeweler Albert DePrisco for a few months, sources... More »

'I Ask That You Live': Pat Tillman's Love Letters to His Wife

New book details correspondence over 11-year relationship

(Newser) - Before he was an NFL star, Army Ranger, and fallen war hero, Pat Tillman was just a guy who loved a girl. Tillman's high school sweetheart and widow, Marie, reveals snippets of that guy via the letters he wrote her over the course of their 11-year relationship in a... More »

Transgendered Widow Battles for Benefits

Angry parents say son was upset he was 'tricked'

(Newser) - Nikki Araguz lost her firefighter husband, Thomas, in the line of duty two weeks ago, and now she could lose his benefits—because she was born male. The Texas widow faces a lawsuit from her husband's parents, who charge that her transgender status makes her ineligible to receive benefits, and... More »

Widows' Plight: Beatings, Sex With Strangers

Hubby's death just the start of pain

(Newser) - Newly widowed women in Kenya must have unprotected sex with a stranger to "purify" themselves, and in Bangladesh their only hope is to turn to their sons for economic support—if they're lucky enough to have any. In many parts of the world, the pain of losing a husband... More »

Sen. Vicki Kennedy? No Consensus on What's Next

Widow was deeply involved in Ted's political career

(Newser) - All agree that Vicki Kennedy turned around husband Ted’s life, but there is little consensus on where the 55-year-old widow will go from here, Politico reports. “All this stuff about her going to the Senate is completely wrong,” says longtime family adviser (and speechwriter) Bob Shrum. Indeed,... More »

Nepali Women Protest $600 'Marry-a-Widow' Incentive

(Newser) - Hundreds of women marched through Kathmandu yesterday to protest a government plan to offer $600 to anybody who marries a widow, the Independent reports. The government says the scheme will help overcome social stigmas attached to widowhood, but the women say it is insulting and warn that it will lead... More »

Hill Aide Threatens Pesky War Widow With Jail

(Newser) - An apparently harried congressional aide picked the wrong woman to threaten with police action, Fox News reports. Marianne Stringer, widow of a Vietnam veteran, was petitioning congressmen to oppose a decrease in benefits for veterans’ spouses. When she politely emailed the office of a reticent lawmaker, the aide shot back... More »

Quake Survivors Find Love Among the Ruins

Hundreds remarry in quake-devastated Chinese city

(Newser) - A year after the quake that devastated China's Sichuan province, many survivors have new loves if not new homes, the Guardian reports. In Beichuan—where only 4,000 of the town's 22,000 people survived—some 600 widows and widowers have remarried, and the government hopes more will soon follow... More »

Hunter Thompson Left Gonzo Sperm Behind

Writer's widow considering having the child he wanted to have with her

(Newser) - Gonzo journalist and general wild man Hunter S. Thompson left more than just his writings behind when he committed suicide in 2005 at the age of 67, his widow tells Scotland's Sunday Herald. Anita Thompson, who was 35 years his junior, has the outlaw journalist's frozen sperm and is wrestling... More »

Gift Cows Give Hope to Kosovo War Widows

Aid group helps heal the wounds of war in Europe's fledgling country

(Newser) - A Dutch organization is helping steer Kosovo's war widows toward a brighter future, Radio Free Netherlands reports. Many were left to fend for themselves after losing loved ones in the war against Serbia; now the Dutch group The Bridge is giving them cows to put food on the table and... More »

Sex and the Pity: A Widow Ponders Limbo

Friends, relatives mean well, but platitudes are patronizing

(Newser) - After her first weeks of widowhood, one woman noticed the kind yet patronizing treatment she was getting from loved ones—especially when it came to her sex life. Among the platitudes she came to despise: "You look like you could use a hug," and "You're not ready... More »

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