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Portraits of the Obamas Revealed in DC

'That's pretty sharp,' former president says of Kehinde Wiley's likeness of him

(Newser) - The National Portrait Gallery has unveiled portraits of former President Obama and Michelle Obama. Barack Obama's portrait was painted by Kehinde Wiley, an artist best known for his vibrant, large-scale paintings of African-Americans. For Michelle Obama's portrait, the gallery commissioned Baltimore-based artist Amy Sherald, first-prize winner of the... More »

What Do These Guys Have to Smile About? Their New Pics

Official portraits of Trump, Pence released after long delay

(Newser) - Check out President Trump's Twitter pages—both the official @POTUS account and his personal handle —and his avatar is the picture of squinting seriousness. But both he and VP Mike Pence are showing off their pearly whites in their new official portraits, released Tuesday and now circulating online... More »

Here Is the First Lady's Official Portrait

Melania Trump was photographed at the White House

(Newser) - The White House released First Lady Melania Trump's official portrait Monday. Not much information was given about the photo beyond the fact that it was "taken in her new residence at the White House." "I am honored to serve in the role of First Lady, and... More »

Here's the $20K Trump Portrait He Bought With Charity Funds

'Speed painter' releases first public photos of painting whipped up in 6 minutes

(Newser) - A tweet from Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold offered a first glimpse to the masses Tuesday of something that's long been reported but not yet seen: the portrait of Donald Trump that Trump bought for $20,000 using money meant for his Trump Foundation charity. Artist Michael Israel, a... More »

Shakespeare May Not Have Looked Like This

Portrait cleaning could alter the Bard's look in a big way

(Newser) - When you picture William Shakespeare, the image that likely comes to mind is the Chandos Portrait—the most famous portrait of the Bard and the only one known to have been painted during his lifetime, reports Smithsonian . But that doesn't mean it looks exactly like him, at least in... More »

Annie Leibovitz Snaps 68 Years of Royal Wedded Bliss

Pic taken by celebrity photographer of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip released

(Newser) - Friday is Prince Philip's 95th birthday—a fitting day to see the release of the final Annie Leibovitz photo of his wife, Queen Elizabeth II, with him smiling sweetly by her side. The fourth photo of the queen in the Leibovitz four-photo series, commissioned to celebrate Elizabeth's 90th... More »

Behind Mona Lisa's Smile: Another Woman?

Pascal Cotte used reflective light technology to analyze the paint layers

(Newser) - Will the real Mona Lisa please stand up—or at least send us a signal from within the paint layers? The art world is buzzing over a French scientist's claims that he discovered a portrait of another woman lurking beneath the top layer of the world's most famous... More »

Artist Hid 'Monica's Dress' in Official Clinton Portrait

It hangs in the National Portrait Gallery

(Newser) - Nelson Shanks' portrait of Bill Clinton is in the National Portrait Gallery—and in a new interview with the Philadelphia Daily News , the artist reveals the reason the Clintons, he says, want it removed. The former president is "probably the most famous liar of all time," Shanks says,... More »

Rare Anne Boleyn Portrait May Just Have Emerged

Henry VIII tried to wipe her from history

(Newser) - There's only one existing portrait of Anne Boleyn whose authenticity experts don't dispute—but a facial recognition program may have changed that. The software, developed at UC Riverside, suggests that a painting known as the Nidd Hall portrait may also show Henry VIII's beheaded second wife. Experts... More »

Queen Gets New Portrait for 88th B-day

She looks pretty much the same

(Newser) - What to get for the forever-reigning monarch who has everything? Britain's Queen Elizabeth turns 88 tomorrow, and the government got her, well, a portrait of herself to mark the occasion. The black-and-white photo by Brit photographer David Bailey was taken back in March, notes the AP . "I've... More »

Vandal Spray Paints Over Queen's Portrait

Men's rights group says one of its members may be responsible

(Newser) - God, it seems, is not interested in saving the Queen's portraiture. Westminster Abbey pulled its painting of Elizabeth II (that's the current queen for you non-royal fans) off the wall today, after a visitor defaced it with turquoise spray paint around lunchtime, the BBC reports. A 41-year-old man... More »

Painter of Kate's Portrait Defends His Work

Paul Emsley tells Washington Post it might be his masterpiece

(Newser) - When Paul Emsley unveiled his official portrait of Kate Middleton earlier this month, the criticism was so savage that Emsley retreated from public view and began asking himself, Did I screw this up? After weeks of contemplation and sketching, Emsley tells the Washington Post he has his answer: No way.... More »

Here Is Obama's (Grayer) New Portrait

Before pointing, one blogger suggests looking at your own photos

(Newser) - The White House today released President Obama's new official portrait ahead of his inauguration, reports the Huffington Post . Contrast it with his 2009 portrait (it's in the gallery) and you will see that, gasp, that the 51-year-old has noticeably grayer hair. Two schools of thought here:
  • The presidency
... More »

Bush Now Forever in the White House

Portrait of 43rd president unveiled today

(Newser) - George W. Bush made a rare public appearance today—next to Barack Obama, no less. And he'll be appearing at the White House every day going forward in at least one form: The 43rd president's official portrait was unveiled in an East Room ceremony replete with jokes and... More »

Forensic Science Could ID Mystery Portraits

California professor aims to unveil 'The Girl With the Pearl Earring'

(Newser) - A California professor is bringing CSI techniques to the art world: Conrad Rudolph of UC Riverside has obtained funding to apply advanced facial recognition technology to famous paintings like Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring, the Guardian reports. Such mystery portraits could finally be identified—if, that is, measurements... More »

Pentagon Finally Pulls Captain's Prank Portrait

Fake painting was smuggled in, hung on wall for a year

(Newser) - For almost a year, a portrait hung on the Pentagon wall commemorating Ensign Chuck Hord, "lost at sea" in 1908. Seems that no one noticed that the turn-of-the-century sailor had blow-dried hair, or that what appeared to be an oil painting was actually a stylized photograph. Indeed, "Chuck... More »

Unseen Portrait of Jane Austen Discovered?

Biographer is sure drawing depicts author

(Newser) - There are only two accepted portraits of Jane Austen, one based on the other—but an Austen biographer believes she's found a third. Paula Byrne's husband bought her a graphite drawing sold as an "imaginary portrait" of the writer, labeled "Miss Jane Austin." Byrne says... More »

Van Gogh 'Self Portrait' Really His Brother

Museum uncovers only known painting of Theo Van Gogh

(Newser) - Vincent Van Gogh's younger brother Theo was his closest ally, and many found it strange that the artist never painted him. Researchers at the Van Gogh Museum, however, now believe that an 1887 painting long thought to have been one of Vincent's dozens of self-portraits is actually a... More »

Warhol Self-Portrait Fetches Record $38.4M

Private bidder prevails after 'longest lot in history'

(Newser) - A private European collector walked off with Andy Warhol's very first self-portrait after a 16-minute bidding war at Christie's Wednesday night. The 1963-64 work sold for $38.44 million after two competing bidders kept raising their price in increments of $100,000, causing Christie’s auctioneer to call... More »

17th-Century Painting Is a Velázquez, After All

Portrait of Philip IV goes back on display at the Met

(Newser) - A Velázquez painting of Spain’s Philip IV has been redeemed after more than three decades of uncertainty. In 1973, the work at the Metropolitan Museum of Art was called inauthentic, likely the work of one of the Spanish master’s disciples. But after a year’s restoration, experts... More »

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