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What Just Happened in Saudi Arabia?

Crown prince 'MBS' makes a risky move in an apparent bid to consolidate power

(Newser) - The heir to the throne in Saudi Arabia ordered a series of stunning, high-profile arrests over the weekend. The upshot? Only what appears to be "the most sweeping transformation in the kingdom’s governance for more than eight decades," writes David Kirkpatrick in the New York Times . Crown... More »

Kim Jong Un's Bloody Tenure: 70 Executions

South Korean minister discusses dictator's 'reign of terror'

(Newser) - North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has executed 70 officials since taking power in late 2011 in a "reign of terror" that far exceeds the bloodshed of his dictator father's early rule, South Korean officials said today. South Korean Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se, at a forum in Seoul,... More »

Kerry: Kim Jong Un 'Reckless' Like Saddam

Secretary says recent purging reminiscent of Iraqi dictator

(Newser) - John Kerry looks at Kim Jong Un's execution of his uncle and sees shades of another infamous dictator using bloody ruthlessness to secure his grip on power: Saddam Hussein. "You saw the pictures of his uncle being arrested in front of everybody at this meeting," Kerry said... More »

Kim Jong Un's Aunt Safe for Now

Reports indicate she's been appointed to committee

(Newser) - Rumors of her impending demise may have been at least premature, because the AP reports that Kim Jong Un's aunt—and estranged wife of recently executed uncle Jang Song Thaek—has been named to an ad-hoc state committee in a seeming indication that both her influence and her... More »

Castro Purges Party on Video

(Newser) - Raul Castro firmly ratchets up his grip on power in a three-hour video being shown to Cuba's Communist Party members, the Financial Times reports. The video features scenes from a March politburo meeting during which Castro fired most of Fidel's cabinet, along with testimony from security officials. Those who have... More »

Cutting Lobby Ties Is 'Messy Business'

McCain plays reform card with new policy, but conflicts abound

(Newser) - John McCain is at war with his own staff to save his image as a crusader against special interests, the New York Times reports. Five aides have been sent packing, and new rules promulgated to rout out any further conflicts. But with many staffers who made their living as lobbyists,... More »

6 Stories