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Board Grants Parole to Youngest Manson Follower

Governor could overrule Leslie Van Houten decision again

(Newser) - For the second time in two years, a California panel has recommended parole for Leslie Van Houten, the youngest former Charles Manson follower imprisoned for the 1969 murder spree that horrified Los Angeles. After a 120-day review process, California Gov. Jerry Brown will have the final say on whether to... More »

Police Release Sketches in Possible Manson Family Killing

Two men named Jean are persons of interest in teen's 1969 murder

(Newser) - The Los Angeles Police Department has released sketches of two men considered persons of interest in a 47-year-old murder possibly connected to the Manson family, the Los Angeles Times reports. According to People , Reet Jurvetson, 19, flew from Canada to LA in 1969 to see a man named Jean she... More »

Listen to Manson Follower 'Squeaky' Fromme's Mental Evaluation

She sounds calm and in control talking with psychiatrist before trial

(Newser) - The Sacramento Bee is out with a fascinating bit of history regarding Manson follower Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme. A judge agreed to the newspaper's request to release audio recordings of her psychiatric evaluation on Sept. 21, 1975, made just weeks after she was arrested for pointing a gun at... More »

Manson Follower Granted Parole—Again

Gov. Brown has 150 days to nix Bruce Davis release

(Newser) - Former Charles Manson acolyte Bruce Davis has been granted parole for a third time but it will be at least four months and possibly a lot longer before he becomes a free man. A California parole board has recommended Davis—who murdered two people on Manson's orders in 1969—... More »

Manson Killed More People: New Tape

Dead lawyer says Manson Family member told him of other murders in tape

(Newser) - In May of last year came an intriguing and horrific revelation: The LAPD was trying to obtain decades-old audio recordings that could link Charles Manson to more murders. The tapes purportedly feature conversations between Manson's former right-hand man, Charles "Tex" Watson, and Watson's lawyer, Bill Boyd. Now,... More »

Manson Follower Granted Parole

But Gov. Jerry Brown could block release of Bruce Davis

(Newser) - A California man who helped murder two people on the orders of Charles Manson in 1969 has been recommended for release by a state parole panel. Bruce Davis, 70, has been in prison for 40 years for the murders of musician Gary Hinman and stuntman Donald "Shorty" Shea. Davis... More »

Tapes Could Link Manson Family to More Murders

LAPD wants audio tapes that could yield new evidence

(Newser) - The horrific history of Charles Manson and his followers could soon be rewritten. The Los Angeles Police Department has asked for eight hours of decades-old audio recordings that could link the Manson family to more murders, reports NBC Los Angeles . The tapes feature conversations between Manson's former right-hand man,... More »

Sharon Tate's 'Engagement Ring' Up for Auction

She was wearing it the night she was murdered, auctioneers claim

(Newser) - An engagement ring that an auction house says was worn by Sharon Tate the night she was murdered by Charles Manson's crazed followers is up for sale next week, reports the New York Daily News . Director Roman Polanski gave the Valley of the Dolls star the 4-karat opal stone... More »

Charles Manson's Right-Hand Man Seeks Parole

Tex Watson trying for parole a 14th time

(Newser) - Relatives of some of the Manson Family's victims will gather at a California prison today to explain why they think Charles Manson's former right-hand man should not be freed. Seeking parole is Tex Watson—who has been in prison for 42 years for his role in seven horrific... More »

Panel Urges Manson Family Member Be Paroled

Bruce Davis may be freed after 38 years

(Newser) - One of the lesser-known members of the Manson family has been recommended for parole after serving 38 years for his part in two murders. A prison panel made the recommendation yesterday for Bruce Davis—convicted of the murders of musician Gary Hinman and ranch hand Donald "Shorty" Shea—after... More »

Dying Ex-Manson Disciple Atkins Denied Release

Parole board refuses Susan Atkins' request for mercy

(Newser) - California yesterday rejected Susan Atkins' plea for compassionate release, the Los Angeles Times reports. The former Charles Manson family member—California's longest-serving female inmate—has brain cancer and likely has just months to live. Atkins was busted in 1969 for participating in the murder of pregnant actress Sharon Tate and... More »

Manson 'Harem' Angles for Freedom

Atkins up for parole; filmmaker makes case for van Houten

(Newser) - With Squeaky Fromme, who aimed a gun at President Ford, set for parole next Sunday, other members of the murderous “Manson Family” are pushing for release, the Telegraph reports. Susan Atkins, who at first said she’d stabbed actress Sharon Tate 16 times, plans to plead for freedom at... More »

Manson's Prosecutor Looks Back

...But he'd rather be prosecuting George Bush

(Newser) - Vincent Bugliosi is sick of talking about Charles Manson. He’d rather discuss his new book, The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder. But as the man who prosecuted Manson and co-wrote Helter Skelter, that’s what people ask him about to this day. “They’re so interested,... More »

Manson Follower Who Tried to Kill Ford Leaving Prison

(Newser) - Squeaky Fromme is going free. The Manson follower who attempted to assassinate President Ford in 1975 is scheduled to be released from prison on Aug. 16, ABC News reports. Fromme, real name Lynette, pointed a pistol at Ford from about 2 feet away before an agent wrestled it away. Now... More »

Manson Follower Won't Go Free

Board won't release ailing Susan Atkins, who admitted murdering Sharon Tate

(Newser) - A California parole board today refused to grant a compassionate release for Susan Atkins, a follower of Charles Manson who admitted murdering Sharon Tate 40 years ago, the AP reports. Atkins, 60, is dying of brain cancer, and the parole board listened to impassioned pleas from both sides in a... More »

DA to Prison Board: Don't Free Ailing Manson Killer

Terminally ill Atkins is seeking release

(Newser) - The Los Angeles County district attorney has asked the California parole board to deny Charles Manson follower Susan Atkins' request for compassionate release from prison. Atkins, who was convicted of seven 1969 murders, is terminally ill with brain cancer. The DA noted that Atkins stabbed pregnant actress Sharon Tate, tasted... More »

Manson Family Member Pleads for Release

Dying killer seeks mercy after almost 40 years behind bars

(Newser) - A member of Charles Manson's "family" of killers is asking for compassionate release after 37 years in jail, the Los Angeles Times reports. Susan Atkins, who stabbed Sharon Tate to death while the 8-months-pregnant actress begged for mercy—and then used her blood to write "PIG" on the... More »

Manson Body Hunt a Bust

Diggers come up empty at Death Valley ranch

(Newser) - Investigators yesterday packed up and left the the Death Valley ranch used as a hideout by the murderous Manson Family after finding no trace of bodies a member of the group once suggested might be buried there. The search was triggered by a cadaver-sniffing dog and initial findings of scientific... More »

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