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New Steam in Search for Lost Medal of Honor Recipient

And his 10 fellow crew members, who went down near Papua New Guinea in 1943

(Newser) - A search for a US military aircraft that disappeared near Papua New Guinea during World War II is getting renewed attention ahead of the 75th anniversary of its disappearance. The B-17, nicknamed the San Antonio Rose, was flying on a mission to bomb a Japanese shipping convoy on Jan. 5,... More »

'Vets for Weed' Swipes Logo, Sparks Melee

And group has no intention of ceasing its use: rep

(Newser) - The VFW is stirring up quite a bit of controversy—no, not Veterans of Foreign Wars, but Veterans for Weed. In addition to co-opting the VFW acronym, the pro-marijuana-legalization group also uses a logo that looks like the POW/MIA icon, except with the soldier smoking a joint. The real VFW... More »

Pentagon Steps Up Hunt for Missing WWII Soldiers

Search intensifies as aging witnesses die

(Newser) - After years of searching for missing US soldiers in the jungles of Southeast Asia, the military's POW/MIA Accounting Command has intensified the hunt for the 74,000 WWII troops still unaccounted for, reports the New York Times. Searching for the nearly-65-year-old remains is a race against time, however, as historians... More »

Once Pals, Kerry and McCain Are Now on the Rocks

War, security policy has blasted open gap created during '04 campaign

(Newser) - The 2004 election cracked the once-close personal relationship between John McCain and John Kerry, the Washington Post notes, and differences over the Iraq war has left the bond between the former Navy men fractured. "The same intensity of their feelings as veterans which brought them together has pushed them... More »

Vietnam Stays With McCain

Philosophy rooted in visits continues to influence candidate

(Newser) - After 5 years as a POW, John McCain returned to Vietnam in 1974 and 1985, trips that inextricably linked him with the war in American minds. They also helped color the way he thinks about foreign policy and helped him learn to make amends with onetime enemies when it meant... More »

China Admits Burying US POW From Korean War

Move could open door to records of others

(Newser) - China has for the first time admitted holding an American prisoner from the Korean War on its soil, AP reports. The Vermont man, just 18 when he was captured, died in China and was buried there, officials said. China authorities, who said the prisoner was mentally ill, had previously insisted... More »

Vietnam Vets in Hog Heaven

Rolling Thunder roars into DC to honor vets

(Newser) - Thousands of Harleys roared past Washington's Vietnam Veterans Memorial yesterday in what has become a Memorial Day weekend tradition: the "iron salute" of members of national veterans organization Rolling Thunder.  It's a festival of engines, leather, denim and patriotism, reports the Washington Post. More »

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