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Stewart Floored By Fox's Rape Apologist

Daily Show host mocks Liz Trotta, Rick Santorum for views on women in combat

(Newser) - Jon Stewart celebrated Valentine's Day last night by gleefully ripping into people who have a problem with the Pentagon's new policies on women in combat. He took some brief shots at Rick Santorum ("What a surprise, Prudence von StickUpHisAss has some concerns!") but saved his... More »

Fox Pundit: No Surprise Women in Military Get Raped

And Liz Trotta is not happy with how much money we're spending on the issue

(Newser) - The military's easing of the ban on women in combat came just a few weeks after news that sexual violence in the military has risen sharply —and in a recent segment on Fox News, contributor Liz Trotta (who has seen her share of gaffes in the past) found... More »

Fox Pundits Slam Palin During Ad Break

Commentators applaud nasty reviews of reality show

(Newser) - Fox News commentators were caught ridiculing their colleague’s reality show during a commercial break—during which their mics were still on. Politics Daily reports that ex-Washington Times editor Liz Trotta gleefully recounted a New York Times review of Sarah Palin’s Alaska which likened it to “The Sound ... More »

Fox News Guest Jokes About Killing Obama

'Many of us are making mistakes,' journalist says in apologizing

(Newser) - A Fox News analyst yesterday laughingly suggested on the air that Barack Obama be "knocked off." Commenting on Hillary Clinton's recent remarks about RFK's assassination, Liz Trotta referred to "what some are reading as a suggestion that somebody knock off Osama, uh Obama—well, both, if we... More »

4 Stories