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EU's 'First Phase of Retaliation' Against US Launches Friday

The tariffs it threatened in March are on their way

(Newser) - The tariff tit for tat continues, with the EU set to put a wave of new tariffs against US exports into place on Friday. It's a response to the steel and aluminum tariffs that were imposed on the bloc three weeks ago , and the BBC characterizes the to-be-targeted exports... More »

A Bite on the Butt: Tales of Harassment at Ford Plants

Supervisors, union reps among those accused by female workers: 'NYT'

(Newser) - From Hollywood to Capitol Hill, and now to the auto industry. An in-depth investigation from the New York Times finds sexual misconduct is rampant at Ford's factories, specifically at the Chicago Assembly Plant and Chicago Stamping Plant, which employ some 5,700 workers, roughly a third of whom are... More »

US Orders Russia to Close Consulate in SF by Saturday

Leaving both countries with 3 consulates each

(Newser) - The press statement's title—"Achieving Parity in Diplomatic Missions"—may seem bland, but the message from the State Department is anything but: It explains the United States has ordered Russia to close a consulate in San Francisco and diplomatic annexes in New York and Washington by Saturday.... More »

Putin: US Must Cut 755 From Embassy After Sanctions

Foreign minister warned of retaliation early Sunday

(Newser) - Russian President Vladimir Putin says the US embassy in Moscow will have to cut staff by 755 under new Russian sanctions, reports the AP . The move comes swiftly after the sanctions were overwhelmingly approved by Congress and the White House announced that President Trump intends to sign the legislation. The... More »

Cops: Rape Victim Was Raped Again by Same 5 Men

Young woman's case highlights the plight of the lower castes in India

(Newser) - A master's student at India's MD University in Rohtak was found in the bushes last week, her clothes torn and the victim of an apparent abduction and rape, cops say—and her attackers look to be the same five men who gang-raped her three years ago, the Times ... More »

Holder to Americans: No 'Retaliation' for Boston

Attorney general cautions against backlash against innocents

(Newser) - The US will bring the Boston terrorists to justice, said Eric Holder in a speech today—while cautioning Americans against retaliation. "Just as we will pursue relentlessly anyone who would target our people or attempt to terrorize our cities, the Justice Department is firmly committed to protecting innocent people... More »

Iran's Naval Power Growing, Experts Warn

Analysts point to threat to US ships in Persian Gulf

(Newser) - With a host of new boats, submarines, and anti-ship missiles, Iran's navy is quickly gaining power—and that could pose a serious threat to US ships in the Persian Gulf, analysts tell the Washington Post . American Navy officials believe the US would come out on top in any showdown,... More »

North Korea Warns It May Retaliate

Because US cut food aid, all deals are off, says Pyongyang

(Newser) - North Korea says it may retaliate after its failed rocket test prompted the US to cut off food aid . Pyongyang holds that the launch was peaceful, and that Washington's move invalidated a deal requiring the North to halt nuclear and missile tests. "We have thus become able to... More »

South Korea Eases Retaliation Rules

President walks tightrope over response to attacks

(Newser) - After declaring plans to boost defenses , South Korea announced a shift in military policy to make retaliation easier, the New York Times reports. New rules will allow South Korea’s military a more forceful response to any attack from Pyongyang. But with the public largely opposed to a military response,... More »

Driver of Van Used in DC Shooting Is 14

Cops think shooting was payback for arrest of shooter's brother

(Newser) - A feud and a quest for revenge among neighborhood crews may be behind the Washington, DC, drive-by that left four dead Tuesday—as well as other shootings. A 14-year-old boy accused of driving the minivan, and two adult men have been charged with first-degree murder. One of the adult suspects,... More »

Taliban Exact Revenge on Pakistani Town That Stood Up

Car bombing punishes crackdown on militants

(Newser) - A few months ago, villagers in a Pakistani town killed six Taliban fighters who had bound and killed local police; yesterday, the Taliban retaliated, targeting the town of Shalbandi with a suicide car bomb that killed more than 30. The explosion rocked a school that was holding a vote to... More »

Israeli Strikes Kill 205 in Gaza Strip

100 more wounded in assault on Hamas targets

(Newser) - A huge Israeli air assault on Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip has killed more than 200 Palestinians and wounded at least 400, the AP reports. Those killed had mostly been inside police headquarters, Hamas said. Israel said the attacks were meant to end rocket and mortar attacks on Israel... More »

Supreme Court Backs Workers on Retaliation Suits

Justices affirm employees' right to sue

(Newser) - The Supreme Court today issued two rulings fortifying workplace-discrimination law, finding that employees can sue over retaliation for bias complaints. In one case, an 1866 law was used to protect a black employee who alleged he was fired after complaining about a black colleague’s treatment—though he’d failed... More »

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