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Town Fights Public Boozing With Warm Beer

Hope is drinkers won't crack a can on the street if it's not frosty

(Newser) - Arlington Heights, Ill., is tackling its public drinking problem with a novel weapon: beer. Warm beer. Starting in January, stores won't sell single-serving bottles or cans of beer cold. You can still buy that tallboy, but the town is betting problem drinkers will be less likely to crack open... More »

I'm Not Out of Control: Winehouse

Singer says bad behavior is her idea of fun

(Newser) - Despite photos and reports that suggest otherwise, Amy Winehouse says she isn’t a drunken mess—wreaking havoc at a Caribbean resort is her idea of a good time. “I’m not out of control,” she tells the Daily Mail. “Yes, I’ve had a few drinks,... More »

Boorish Brits Overwhelm Resorts

In places like Greece, pasty, drunken tourists are wreaking havoc

(Newser) - Lured by all-you-can-drink vacations and very un-British weather, more Britons are heading south for their getaways—but many resorts are no longer thrilled to welcome them. In places like the Greek city of Malia, inebriated Englishmen are wreaking havoc, writes the New York Times. “It is only the British—... More »

London Mayor Bans Subway Boozing

End of the line for lushes

(Newser) - One of the first acts of the newly elected mayor of London was to ban drinking alcohol on London's Tube subway system and buses, USA Today reports. The ban, which was a campaign pledge by Boris Johnson, will take effect Sunday. Public drinking has been commonplace in Britain for decades. More »

4 Stories