Liu Xiang

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Hurdler Drops Out, Stunning China

Liu had been one of China's favorite storylines

(Newser) - Chinese hurdler Liu Xiang, whose rock-star status had made him his nation's favorite Olympic storyline, dropped out of his first race today after just two painful steps, the Washington Post reports. Liu had recovered from a hamstring injury since pulling out of a May 31 meet in New York, but... More »

Top 100 Olympians to Watch

Galaxy of stars aims to seize golden opportunities in Beijing

(Newser) - With the Beijing Olympics right around the corner, Time lists the top 100 athletes to watch. A sampling of stars gunning for gold, from the court to the pool to the track:
  • LeBron James, basketball: This determined athlete's golden guarantee is raising hopes for the US team, which has lost
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The Best Athlete on the Planet

WSJ panel picks Czech decathlete Sebrle to represent Earth at Intergalactic Games

(Newser) - If Earth could only send one guy to a galactic Olympics, who would it be? The Wall Street Journal had a panel of sports experts hash it out, and its top 10 might surprise:
  1. Roman Sebrle: Czech decathlon champion wins on versatility.
  2. LeBron James: What can’t the NBA star
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Chinese Hurdler Liu Xiang Will Carry Hopes of 1.3B

24-year-old hurdler holds nation's hope at Beijing Games

(Newser) - Whether he likes it or not, Liu Xiang—China's biggest sports star—will be carrying the hopes of the world's most populous nation as he defends his title in the 110-meter hurdles at the Beijing Olympics. A recent race at the new Bird's Nest Stadium demonstrated the frenzy he inspires:... More »

Beijing Tix Scalping Rampant

After an initial buying round, Olympic seats re-sell for 10X face value

(Newser) - Tickets for 2008’s Beijing Summer Olympics are already being illicitly re-sold over the Internet for ten times their original price, the BBC reports. An initial offering in which consumers were able to buy 50 tickets per person is being blamed for kick-starting the scalping frenzy, and that allotment has... More »

5 Stories