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Woman Becomes Spain's Second Oldest to Give Birth

64-year-old delivers twins in Burgos

(Newser) - A 64-year-old has become the second oldest woman ever to give birth in Spain. The woman, identified only by her initials MIA, received fertility treatment in the US before giving birth to twins—a 5.3-pound boy and 4.8-pound girl—via Caesarean section in the Spanish city of Burgos,... More »

Days Apart, Man Loses Wife, Firstborn, Sister

Domingos Fraga's grandmother had a stroke just a few days later

(Newser) - A Massachusetts man went from extreme elation to utter heartache in the span of just a few moments when his wife of five months, Liz, who'd had a healthy pregnancy without any complications, had to undergo an emergency C-section, lost too much blood, and died, reports the Boston Globe... More »

A Simple Swipe Could Benefit C-Section Babies

Scientists successfully transfer mom's bacteria to baby

(Newser) - Babies born via Cesarean section have a different microbiome than infants delivered naturally: For having skipped that trip down the birth canal, C-section babies lack bacteria that help the immune system recognize and accept other beneficial microbes; they may also be at an increased risk for obesity, asthma, allergies, and... More »

C-Sections Rampant in Brazil—for Now

Country tries to reel in its 'international shame'

(Newser) - In 2013, 32.7% of all babies delivered in America were born by cesarean section. If that sounds high, well, check out Brazil's stats. The BBC reports that at private hospitals, 85% of women deliver by cesarean; in public hospitals, it's about half that (45%). In 2013 NPR... More »

Without Pulse for 45 Minutes, Mom Lives to Meet Newborn

After a routine cesarean section, an amniotic fluid embolism nearly killed the mom

(Newser) - An amniotic fluid embolism is a rare and easily fatal complication following childbirth that occurs when amniotic fluid enters the mother's bloodstream. When a 40-year-old Florida woman suffered from one after a routine cesarean section in late September, medical staff caught it in time to perform CPR. After 45... More »

Mom, Twins Die After Hospital Doesn't Do C-Section

Family of Victoria Rexach considering lawsuit

(Newser) - Victoria Rexach had previously had two cesarean sections, and her doctor—a high-risk specialist—wanted her to have another when she gave birth to her twin girls. But when the 30-year-old went into premature labor on Aug. 28, before her pregnancy had hit the six-month mark, doctors at Richmond University... More »

Mom Threatened With Forced C-Section

Jennifer Goodall gave birth Friday after much drama

(Newser) - Two weeks before she gave birth to her fourth child, a Florida hospital threatened to force a C-section on 29-year-old mom Jennifer Goodall "with or without [her] consent," Jezebel reports. Goodall wanted to try delivering vaginally before agreeing to what would be her fourth cesarean—if it was... More »

'Miracle' Mom Delivers Baby, Has Open-Heart Surgery

She was 36 weeks pregnant and suffering from what is called aortic dissection

(Newser) - A 35-year-old pregnant mom a month shy of her due date survived a grueling nine-hour, two-team surgery in which she delivered her baby—and underwent open-heart surgery. Edita Tracey tells MyFoxPhilly.com she was at her hair salon last month when her back started to hurt, and when the pain... More »

Emergency C-Section Turns Up ... No Baby

Brazilian woman suffered from false pregnancy, referred to psychiatric care

(Newser) - A bizarre story out of Brazil, where doctors performed an emergency C-section on an apparently expectant mother only to find ... no baby at all. When the woman, 37, arrived at Cabo Frio's Woman's Hospital saying she was 41 weeks pregnant and in pain—with a protruding belly and... More »

Social Services Forced C-Section, Took Baby: UK Case

15 months later, child still not with mother

(Newser) - The Telegraph reported yesterday on a crazy court case in the UK: After a pregnant Italian woman, in town for business, had a panic attack, social service workers in Essex got a court order allowing the woman to be forcibly sedated and undergo a C-section so they could take her... More »

Soaring C-Sections Level Off, Women Waiting Longer

More women having C-sections at 39 to 40 weeks

(Newser) - Cesarean sections, long decried as ubiquitous, costly, and often unnecessary, have halted a dozen years of consecutive increases, finds a new federal report . The rate of C-sections was flat, at 31.3%, from 2009 to 2011, and mothers-to-be are waiting until closer to their due dates to go under the... More »

El Salvador Woman Denied Abortion Has C-Section

Baby dies as docs move to save mom

(Newser) - After being denied an abortion despite serious health concerns, a Salvadoran woman known only as Beatriz has undergone a cesarean section to save her life, the AP reports. The baby girl was born without a brain 27 weeks into the pregnancy and died five hours later, the Guardian reports. El... More »

20th Baby a Ridiculously Foolish Choice for Duggar

...medically speaking. OB/GYNs cite risks of preeclampsia, yet another cesarean

(Newser) - Michelle Duggar's joy is an OB/GYN's "worst nightmare"—at least, according to three OB/GYNs. Writing for the Daily Beast , Yvonne Bohn, Allison Hill, and Alane Park react to the news that the reality TV star is expecting her 20th child with a mixture of trepidation and... More »

School Application Asks: C-Section or Vaginal Birth?

Apparently school has a vested interest in how students were born

(Newser) - If you want your child to attend elementary school in California’s Dry Creek School District, you’ll have to get personal—really personal. The enrollment application asks some very detailed medical questions, but parents are in an uproar over one in particular: Was your child birthed through “vaginal... More »

Banish Men From Childbirth: Doc

He says male presence leads to more stress and more C-sections

(Newser) - Men should make themselves scarce when women are giving birth, says a French obstetrician who will argue his case at a midwives summit this week. Michel Odent says men make women so stressed they stop producing the oxytocin hormone, which eases deliveries, reports the BBC . This results in more C-sections.... More »

Cut Down on C-Sections, Experts Tell US Women

Hospitals profit from unnecessary cesareans

(Newser) - American women are risking their health and driving up medical costs by having too many cesarean sections, the Los Angeles Times reports. The most common operation in the US, the C-section is used in 31% of births and accounts for 45% of rising birth costs. It can also lead to... More »

Second US Flu Victim Gave Birth Last Week

Texas teacher's family mourns as deadly outbreak wanes

(Newser) - The Texas woman who died yesterday after suffering from swine flu was a teacher who gave birth to a healthy baby girl last week by Cesarean section, the AP reports. Judy Trunnell, 33, was hospitalized after she had difficulty breathing 2 weeks ago and later fell into a coma. Texas... More »

C-Sections, Wary Docs Push Birth Costs Up

Report is critical of high-tech methods, urges natural ones

(Newser) - Spending on childbirth—the country's No. 1 reason for hospitalization—is on the rise, and much of it is due to unnecessary tests and procedures, USA Today reports. A new study critical of the system found that $2.5 billion is spent annually on needless high-tech C-sections, which cost more... More »

Brangelina Welcomes a Boy and Girl

Jolie gives birth to Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline in France

(Newser) - Angelina Jolie gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl, last night at a hospital in Nice, France, People reports. As partner Brad Pitt looked on, Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline were born by Cesarean section. “The babies are doing well. The operation went just perfectly,” said... More »

C-Sections Propel Jump in Preemies

Risks, costs skyrocket for premature infants, new research notes

(Newser) - The number of US babies born before reaching normal gestation jumped by a third from 1996 to 2004, the Los Angeles Times reports, with Cesarean sections accounting for much of the rise. With health risks and high costs associated with premature babies, the trend presents "a serious problem,"... More »

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