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An 'Awful Night' for FDNY on Ed Norton Movie Set

Firefighter Michael Davidson killed in Harlem blaze

(Newser) - The New York City Fire Department is mourning firefighter Michael Davidson, who died fighting a massive blaze that broke out on a film set in Harlem Thursday night. The fire started in a building being used to film Motherless Brooklyn, a 1950s-set drama directed by Ed Norton and starring Bruce... More »

Fire Chief Killed on 9/11 Finally Gets His Funeral

Lawrence Stack's remains, required for a Catholic funeral, were never found

(Newser) - New York Fire Department battalion chief Lawrence Stack was laid to rest Friday—nearly 15 years after he died when the World Trader Center collapsed on Sept. 11, 2001, the New York Times reports. Stack was helping an injured business man from Iowa when the north tower collapsed, killing him.... More »

FDNY Bill Addressed to 'Unknown Asian'

'The funny thing for us was that there are so many Asians at this school,' says staffer

(Newser) - If you're sending mail to The New School in New York City, we advise addressing it to a specific student or faculty member, or maybe, in a pinch, to a department. We definitely don't advise addressing it to "Unknown Asian." But that's what the FDNY... More »

New York Cuts Power in Zuccotti Park

Cops seize protesters' generators

(Newser) - Lights out at Zuccotti Park: New York officials seized generators and gas canisters from Occupy Wall Street protesters today, the New York Daily News reports. Police and firefighters arrived at the site this morning to ask protesters for the items, citing safety concerns. “They made an announcement on a... More »

1 Dead, 100 Homeless in Brooklyn Blaze

Fire rips through building with 70 apartments

(Newser) - A five-alarm fire ripped through a Brooklyn apartment building last night, leaving one resident dead, 100 homeless, and injuring more than 20 firefighters as some 200 of them battled the blaze in high winds, reports the New York Post. The fire broke out just before 7pm, but wasn't brought under... More »

EMT With 'Fireman's Key' Busted in NYC Rapes

Alleged rapist once honored for bravery by FDNY

(Newser) - A decorated New York City EMT with special access to grates and elevators via a universal 'fireman's key' has been arrested in a string of armed sexual assaults starting in 2001. Earlier this month an 11-year-old girl was raped in a Brooklyn elevator; Police now believe Angus Pascall used the... More »

NY Firefighters' Emotions About Giuliani Run Hot

Ex-mayor has some fans, but post-9/11 bitterness lingers

(Newser) - In the wake of 9/11, Rudy Giuliani allied himself with the New York Fire Department. He attended funerals even after leaving office, and he continues to bring up "my firefighters" on the stump. But the ex-mayor shouldn't count on the department's 11,000 votes in his run for the... More »

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