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Best and Worst of Oscar Night

Funny and un-funny moments abound at ceremony

(Newser) - Oscar night was filled with highs and lows, from the predictably inspirational moments when Kate Winslet finally won and Heath Ledger’s family received his posthumous award, to the cheap shot of producers cutting to Angelina Jolie’s face during Jennifer Aniston’s presenter speech. More from the Los Angeles ... More »

Spidey's Franco Earns Hasty Pudding Honors

Harvard troupe treats Man of the Year James Franco to drag queen bar mitzvah

(Newser) - This year's Hasty Pudding Man of the Year: Spider-Man villain and Milk co-star James Franco. He wore a blonde wig, purple heels, and a gold-spangled pineapple-shaped bra to collect his award from the Harvard theatrical troupe last night, the Boston Globe reports. Franco accepted his pudding pot in good cheer,... More »

Franco Puts Bad Movies Behind Him

Star of bad movies turns to better fare with Pineapple Express and Milk

(Newser) - James Franco is an apologetic guy. He’s sorry for being mean to Annapolis co-star Tyrese (“If he had a bad experience working with me, I was probably a jerk”) and for talking too much (“I am just rambling”), Chris Heath observes in a GQ profile.... More »

Batman Slices Pineapple to Rule a 4th Weekend

Pineapple Express beat Batman on Friday, slid into No. 2 overall

(Newser) - The Dark Knight is still lording it over the box office, grossing $26 million over the weekend for a fourth consecutive win—and overtaking Shrek 2 to become the third biggest Hollywood blockbuster ever with a cumulative $441.5 million. Judd Apatow's new comedy Pineapple Express beat The Dark Knight... More »

All Aboard Pineapple Express

Gory comedy could be a summer hit

(Newser) - A stoner comedy and action flick rolled into one, Judd Apatow’s Pineapple Express will entertain audiences looking for more of the good stuff from the Superbad crew, critics agree. “You don't have to be in an altered state to appreciate the ludicrous humor,” Claudia Puig writes in... More »

Scruffy Rogen Rising Star of 'Comedy Mafia'

Pineapple Express may rocket scruffy actor to big bucks

(Newser) - Seth Rogen's comedy career stumbled for years, but Pineapple Express may catapult him into full-fledged movie stardom, Alex Pappademas writes in GQ. Films like Knocked Up established Rogen as a hilarious "bromantic" lead, and the action-comedy Pineapple, which he co-wrote, proves the scruffy stoner can hold his own with... More »

A Comic Star is Born?

Much to his surprise, Danny McBride finds himself in demand

(Newser) - He didn’t plan it this way, but Danny McBride will end up in three of the summer’s biggest comedies, the LA Times reports. In The Foot Fist Way, Pineapple Express, and Tropic Thunder, viewers will see McBride get beaten, shot, blown up with a grenade, and tortured—all... More »

Watchdogs Say Hollywood Going to Pot

Anti-drug advocates fret over 420-friendly new releases

(Newser) - Production of cannabis-centric films is hitting a high, reports the Christian Science Monitor. Once pigeonholed with Cheech and Chong and low-budget cult films such as The Big Lebowski, movies that feature pot-smoking characters now tend toward mainstream frat-house humor. This summer alone will see four marijuana-tinged releases, including the Judd... More »

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