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Want to Visit the US? That'll Be $14, Please

Starting today, tourists from 36 countries charged fee

(Newser) - Starting today, visitors to the US will be required to pay what some are calling a “tourist tax.” Anyone entering the US without a visa will have to pay a whopping $14 to do so, Yahoo reports. The EU lamented this unbearable burden yesterday, calling it “inconsistent... More »

Pakistan Not Cooperating in Search for Militants: US

Officials worry that terrorists can get too-easy access to US

(Newser) - US intelligence officials are frustrated by what they see as Islamabad’s roadblocks in efforts to investigate terrorist cells with ties to Pakistan, the Los Angeles Times reports. Pakistanis living in European countries, who can enter the US without much scrutiny, remain a worry for the CIA and FBI, whose... More »

US Visitors Face Tough New Rules

Tourists must register online information 3 days before trip

(Newser) - Visitors to the US who don't need visas will have to register personal information online before traveling this summer, reports ABC News. The information will be used for background checks and scrutiny of travel plans. European officials have threatened to introduce similar rules in retaliation. The new regulations would apply... More »

3 Stories