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A Simple Fix for Flying Bats: Better Maple

Bats won't shatter if wood is dried correctly, bat-maker says

(Newser) - After steroids, shattering maple bats may be baseball's top-priority issue right now, one that promises to be a sticky problem, writes the New York Times. But Sam Holman, the founder of the first company to supply maple bats to the majors, thinks the answer may be a simple one: crack... More »

MLB's Next Crackdown May Be Maple Bats

Harder wood splits easily, sending shrapnel into stands

(Newser) - Barry Bonds may soon be the face of another Major League Baseball investigation: into the dangers of maple bats. The slugger's choice of wood has a growing following among players, but incidents of flying shards injuring fans and coaches have sparked a movement to ban the bats, USA Today reports.... More »

2 Stories