Yellow River

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China's Great Flood Legend Might Actually Be True

Evidence suggests water covered North China Plain 4K years ago

(Newser) - A great flood at the dawn of Chinese civilization was said to have swept away settlements, the water rising so high that it overran heaven itself. It was the sage King Yu who tamed the waters by building ditches, the legend went, thus earning a mandate to rule and laying... More »

China Dealing With Oil Spill, Too

Greenpeace releases dramatic photos

(Newser) - China is struggling to contain an oil spill of its own, and Greenpeace has released dramatic photos of the operation. The trouble started Friday when a pipeline exploded in the port city of Dalian, sending crude into the Yellow River, reports the Christian Science Monitor . The spill currently covers 165... More »

A Million Flee Chinese Deluge

More flooding feared on Yellow River

(Newser) - More than a million Chinese have fled floods in the southern regions of the nation after some of the worst storms in decades. The deluge comes as China is reeling from a devastating earthquake. The situation is likely to get worse in the next few days with expected flooding along... More »

Next Resource in Crisis: Water

H2O is no longer 'cheap and unlimited,' says scientist

(Newser) - While economists and world leaders fret about the global food crisis, there is another emergency that is just as urgent: the shortage of water, writes British scientist Fred Pearce in Yale Environment 360. No longer is water "a cheap and unlimited resource," and with two-thirds of water extracted... More »

4 Stories