Yellow River

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China Dealing With Oil Spill, Too

Greenpeace releases dramatic photos

(Newser) - China is struggling to contain an oil spill of its own, and Greenpeace has released dramatic photos of the operation. The trouble started Friday when a pipeline exploded in the port city of Dalian, sending crude into the Yellow River, reports the Christian Science Monitor . The spill currently covers 165... More »

A Million Flee Chinese Deluge

More flooding feared on Yellow River

(Newser) - More than a million Chinese have fled floods in the southern regions of the nation after some of the worst storms in decades. The deluge comes as China is reeling from a devastating earthquake. The situation is likely to get worse in the next few days with expected flooding along... More »

Next Resource in Crisis: Water

H2O is no longer 'cheap and unlimited,' says scientist

(Newser) - While economists and world leaders fret about the global food crisis, there is another emergency that is just as urgent: the shortage of water, writes British scientist Fred Pearce in Yale Environment 360. No longer is water "a cheap and unlimited resource," and with two-thirds of water extracted... More »

3 Stories