Caribbean monk seal

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It's Cats vs. Monk Seals in Hawaii

Feline feces causes a real threat to endangered creature

(Newser) - The feral cat population has exploded in Hawaii, where they are not native and face no natural predators—and this could spell disaster for the endangered monk seal. That's because cat poop often contains a parasite called Toxoplasmosa gondii, and when sewage and polluted runoff carry the infected feces... More »

Caribbean Monk Seal Extinct

Seal only one of its kind to vanish because of human causes

(Newser) - Caribbean monk seals, the sea dwellers first discovered during Columbus’s second voyage in 1494, are officially extinct—the only seal to vanish because of human causes, MSNBC reports. “Humans left the Caribbean monk seal population unsustainable after overhunting them,” a biologist explained. The seal, a native of... More »

2 Stories