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Porn Trial Halted After Judge's Risque Site Found

Offers to step down from obscenity trial after cow porn pics discovered

(Newser) - A federal obscenity trial has been suspended after the Los Angeles Times revealed that the presiding judge—a high-ranking conservative who has been mentioned for the Supreme Court—had his own website featuring explicit photos and videos. The publicly accessible material on Alex Kozinski's site included photos of naked women... More »

Art or Smut? Bring Your Own Popcorn

Prosecutors tell jurors it's fetish porn, make a federal case out of it

(Newser) - A Los Angeles jury will watch hours of adult films in an effort to decide if they are art or obscenity, the LA Times reports. A Justice Department task force formed to battle smut has brought a case against a filmmaker whose works depict acts such as bestiality and defecation.... More »

2 Stories