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Economist Rose Friedman Dead at 98

Collaborated with husband Milton on foundational texts

(Newser) - Rose Friedman, economist and collaborator with husband and Nobel laureate Milton Friedman, died yesterday of heart failure, the Chicago Tribune reports. Rose was the co-author of Capitalism and Freedom and Free to Choose, two foundational texts of the Chicago School of economics. Though birth records from her birthplace in modern-day... More »

Spitzer: How to Fix Student Loan Mess

Peg students' payments to their income

(Newser) - In his latest Slate column, Eliot Spitzer shifts to education, with a solution on how to reform the student loan system. "We need to fix how Americans pay for higher education," writes the former New York governor. Rather than crippling loans that prevent bright graduates from pursuing worthy... More »

Note to Right: Hyde Park Is Neither Liberal nor Elite

Hyde Park is maverick—and conservative

(Newser) - With the right cranking up to use Obama's Chicago neighborhood as a weapon against him—the Weekly Standard depicting it in a long piece as an liberal elitist bastion—Wall Street Journal columnist (and former Barack neighbor) Thomas Frank says it’s complete bunk. Not only do Hyde Park-ers have... More »

3 Stories