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First Nations to Canada: Time to Start Paying Up

First Nations are suing the government over 1850 treaty

(Newser) - When William Benjamin Robinson arrived on the shores of what would ultimately become Ontario, Canada, in 1850, he made a deal on behalf of Queen Victoria: The indigenous communities currently living on the land would allow the crown access to more than 35,700 square miles of their land in... More »

The Girls Made a Suicide Pact. Now 3 Have Followed Through

Wapekeka First Nation declares state of emergency

(Newser) - A simple text saying goodbye. That was the last anyone heard from 12-year-old Jenera Roundsky, who committed suicide in Wapekeka First Nation in northern Ontario on June 13. Jenera had been part of a suicide pact made by young girls in the community of 400 Oji-Cree, which suffered the suicides... More »

First Nation Suit: Canada's Parliament Is on Our Land

Aboriginal group says it never relinquished title

(Newser) - Ottawa's Parliament, Supreme Court, and the National Library may soon have some new owners—or new old owners. The city's south bank where these three institutions lie is in the middle of a land ownership lawsuit filed Wednesday by a Quebec First Nation, CTV News reports. "The... More »

Can 'Earthships' Solve Canada's First Nations Housing Crisis?

'I just hope it doesn’t look like a Flintstones house'

(Newser) - Could earthships be the solution to the housing crisis in Canada's First Nations communities? US company Earthship Biotecture thinks so. “This housing that we make is made to take care of people. Feed them, keep them warm, with no utility bills," the company's Michael Reynolds tells... More »

After 5 Teens Drown in Rivers, a Quest for Answers

Ontario investigates deaths of 'First Nations' youths

(Newser) - It took years of pressure by indigenous groups, but an inquest is underway in Canada into the deaths of five First Nations teens who drowned in two rivers in Thunder Bay, Ontario. As the CBC reports in a lengthy look at the issue, the five male teens were between 15... More »

10 Hurt, Suspect Dead in Office Hammer Attack

Attack took place at First Nations government office

(Newser) - A man armed with a hammer injured 10 people—some of them very seriously—during an attack Wednesday morning at a First Nations government office in British Columbia, CP24 reports. The suspect entered the Bridge River Indian Band office and attacked one person with a hammer. An emergency worker reports... More »

Man's 2-Year Quest Leads Him to Face in Cliffside

Tough environment makes inspecting the face difficult

(Newser) - Searching for a face in a crowd is hard enough. Searching for a face etched in a Canadian cliff is apparently a two-year endeavor. After a kayaker from Washington state reported seeing a face on a cliff while exploring the Broken Group Islands in British Columbia in 2008, Parks Canada... More »

Death of Girl Who Refused Chemo Under Investigation

The 11-year-old, a member of the First Nations tribe in Canada, died of a stroke

(Newser) - Makayla Sault made headlines last year when, after undergoing 12 weeks of chemotherapy to treat her acute lymphoblastic leukemia, she stopped treatment in May, opting instead for "traditional" medicine. The 11-year-old member of the First Nations tribe in Canada died of an apparent stroke Sunday, which her family says... More »

Canada Apologizes to Indigenous Groups

Ottawa admits abuse of native cultures

(Newser) - Canada formally apologized to its indigenous peoples yesterday for forcing children to attend government-run schools where they were often sexually and physically abused. Prime Minister Stephen Harper read the apology in Parliament, calling the forced assimilation a "sad chapter" in the nation's history that damaged several generations, the Globe ... More »

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