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Report Demolishes Myths About US Immigrants

Crime, divorce rates lower in immigrant communities than native-born ones

(Newser) - Donald Trump may want to build a wall to keep immigrants out, but the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine suggests he might be unnecessarily fearful. "The Integration of Immigrants Into American Society" report notes that not only is the current generation of immigrants assimilating just as well... More »

Israeli 'Lost Jews' Ad Sparks Outrage

Portrays those assimilated outside Israel as missing

(Newser) - An Israeli outreach group has dumped an ad campaign that sparked controversy by portraying assimilated Diaspora Jews as “lost,” the Jerusalem Post reports. Prominent American Jewish voices slammed the campaign, which many took as a slight to intermarried Jews. An intermarried Israeli critic called it “racist,”... More »

Canada Apologizes to Indigenous Groups

Ottawa admits abuse of native cultures

(Newser) - Canada formally apologized to its indigenous peoples yesterday for forcing children to attend government-run schools where they were often sexually and physically abused. Prime Minister Stephen Harper read the apology in Parliament, calling the forced assimilation a "sad chapter" in the nation's history that damaged several generations, the Globe ... More »

3 Stories