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In Hospital Attack, ISIS Masqueraded as Doctors

At least 38 dead in ISIS attack in Kabul: reports

(Newser) - Islamic State militants donned doctor uniforms before forcing their way into a hospital not far from the US Embassy in Kabul on Wednesday, killing at least 38 people and leaving more than 50 injured, report NBC News and the Guardian . The BBC reports the attack began with an explosion at... More »

Students Trapped in Attack on American University in Kabul

18 people were wounded and a university guard was killed

(Newser) - An attack Wednesday on the American University of Afghanistan in Kabul left dozens of students and foreign staff trapped inside campus buildings, Reuters reports. The attack by suspected militants armed with guns and explosives started around 6:30pm and was followed by more than an hour of shooting when Afghan... More »

Suicide Bomber Hits Anti-Suicide-Bomber Play

At least one killed in Taliban attack in Kabul

(Newser) - The Taliban pulled off a deadly suicide bombing in Kabul yesterday with a cruel twist: The blast took place during a play condemning suicide bombers, reports CNN . Authorities say the teenaged bomber set off his explosives during a performance of Heartbeat: Silence After the Explosion at the French Cultural Centre,... More »

Afghan Suicide Bomber Waited 'Long Time' to Kill Troops

3 coalition soldiers dead in attack near US embassy

(Newser) - A suicide bomber in Kabul waited "a long time" for NATO troops to approach his explosives-packed car, says a Taliban spokesman; the eventual blast killed three coalition soldiers this morning, the Washington Post reports. Five others were wounded, the New York Times reports. The bomber targeted a two-vehicle convoy... More »

Kabul Gunmen Sit at Table, Order Juice, Attack

9 killed, including 4 foreigners, at the heavily fortified Serena Hotel

(Newser) - One of the few places in Kabul where foreign officials are still permitted to dine was the target of a ferocious Taliban attack yesterday that left nine people dead, including foreigners from Canada, New Zealand, India, and Pakistan. NBC News reports they were largely killed execution-style. Officials say four gunmen,... More »

Afghanistan Hits Ominous New Polio Milestone

Capital sees first case since fall of Taliban

(Newser) - Health workers in Afghanistan are on high alert after a girl was diagnosed with polio in Kabul—the first case the capital has seen since the fall of the Taliban in 2001. An urgent vaccination campaign has been launched in the city, especially in the desperately poor community of former... More »

Meet the Man Who Buries Suicide Bombers for a Living

A profile of the most thankless job in Afghanistan

(Newser) - Khwaja Naqib Ahmad's job is to give proper Muslim burials to the unclaimed dead. But in Afghanistan, more and more of the bodies coming to him are those of suicide bombers, the New York Times reports in a profile of what is surely one of the most thankless jobs... More »

Taliban Storms Kabul Airport, Kills Nobody

7 attackers die in 'show of strength'

(Newser) - Air traffic out of Kabul was halted for hours this morning as militants stormed the military side of the city's airport, sparking an hours-long battle with Afghan security forces. The attackers seized two buildings under construction and fired machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades from them, but Afghan authorities say... More »

Kabul Suicide Attack on NATO Kills 6

Taliban-linked group takes credit

(Newser) - A suicide bomber in Kabul launched an attack on NATO vehicles, killing at least six people and wounding 30 in the process, the AP reports. "It was a powerful explosion and some of the dead were badly burnt and cannot be recognized," says an Afghan official. Reports are... More »

Kabul Bank Was a Massive Ponzi Scheme: Audit

Its purpose: to benefit Karzai insiders

(Newser) - Fraud was rampant at Kabul Bank—and a new report shows how deeply the corruption went. Indeed, "from its very beginning, the bank was a well-concealed Ponzi scheme," says an audit obtained by the New York Times . The bank's primary purpose, the audit suggests, was financial gain... More »

Suicide Bombers Penetrate Kabul's Green Zone

2 dead in suicide attack; Taliban claims responsibility

(Newser) - A suicide attack hit Kabul's Green Zone today, the fortified area housing government officials, diplomats, and US military, killing two Afghan security guards. The Wall Street Journal says a single bomber attempted to occupy an unfinished building, from which he could have fired into the CIA compound and nearby... More »

20 Dead as Taliban Hotel Takeover Ends

At least 20 dead as militants are killed

(Newser) - The takeover of a hotel near Kabul by heavily armed Taliban gunmen has ended. Kabul police and other Afghan security forces backed by US-led NATO troops stormed the Spozhmai Hotel in the Lake Qargha area, freeing the remaining 45 civilian hostages. At least 20 people were killed in the operation,... More »

18 Taliban Hostages Freed as Siege Continues

Likely many more captives in Kabul hotel

(Newser) - Afghan police have freed 18 hostages and killed two Taliban gunmen who stormed a popular lakeside hotel in Kabul tonight, Reuters reports. But the siege continues and the militants are still holding more captives, and have reportedly killed a hotel guard, officials warned. "Two terrorists have been killed, and... More »

To Mark Day, Words of Fallen Marine Read Aloud

Gen. John Allen reads Sgt. William Stacey's reasons for fighting

(Newser) - US troops in Afghanistan marked Memorial Day with the words of a fallen comrade—one of at least 1,851 Americans to have died in the war. Marine Gen. John Allen, the leading US commander in Afghanistan, read a letter penned by Marine Sgt. William Stacey, killed by homemade explosives... More »

Blasts Hit Kabul After Obama Leaves

At least 7 killed in suicide attack

(Newser) - At least seven people were killed as suicide bombers hit targets in Kabul just hours after the departure of President Obama. A suicide car bomber killed a guard and several passers-by at the gates of the "Green Village" compound that houses hundreds of international workers, Reuters reports. Other attackers... More »

Karzai Blames Taliban Blitz on NATO 'Failure'

Attack on Kabul over after 18 hours

(Newser) - Yesterday's 18-hour assault on Kabul is finally over after the last gunman was killed this morning, and Afghan President Hamid Karzai said today that the attack proves the "failure" of NATO and intelligence services. In his first statement after the assault, Karzai added that Afghanistan displayed its ability... More »

At Least 35 Dead in Afghan Attacks

Taliban? Haqqani network? Either way, insurgents are reportedly cornered

(Newser) - Brazen attacks on government buildings in Kabul and various locations in eastern Afghanistan claimed at least 35 lives today, the Los Angeles Times reports. Five civilians, 11 police officers, and 19 insurgents are reported dead after attacks on buildings in Kabul, including US, British, and German embassies, the parliament... More »

Taliban Attacks Rock Kabul

Taliban claims responsibility for series of attacks on diplomatic area, parliament

(Newser) - At least a dozen large explosions and sustained gunfire tore through Kabul this morning, in what appears to be a series of coordinated attacks on the city's diplomatic zone, reports the Telegraph . Fighting was reported around the British and US embassies, while smoke billowed from near the German embassy.... More »

Afghan Soldiers Busted in Kabul Terror Plot: NYT

10 suicide vests seized at defense ministry building, officials say

(Newser) - The Afghan government has prevented what could have been the most devastating attack yet from its own forces, according to the New York Times . The Defense Ministry in Kabul went into total lockdown yesterday after more than a dozen soldiers were arrested for planning an attack on the building, and... More »

Eastern Afghanistan the 'Final Battleground'

Troops organize for tough spring fighting

(Newser) - As insurgent attacks have fallen in Afghanistan's southern provinces, the US is turning its focus toward the east, where such attacks jumped 20% last year. With the US set to take on an advisory role next year, the mountainous eastern region is poised to be the war's "... More »

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