Long Beach Aquarium

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Picky-Eater Tiger Shark Gives Aquarium Heartburn

(Newser) - Tiger sharks are known for eating anything—including metal junk, other sharks, and people—but the Long Beach Aquarium seems to have landed the world's choosiest one, the Los Angeles Times reports. The new arrival, one of very few tiger sharks in captivity in the US, regularly turns up its... More »

Zoo Rarity: Male Sea Dragon Pregnant

Male is expecting at Georgia aquarium, only third time for US site

(Newser) - A weedy sea dragon at a Georgia aquarium is giving its handlers a rare Father's Day surprise, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. The small critter—one of only a handful of species in which the male carries the eggs—is pregnant. It's just the third time a weedy sea dragon, whose... More »

2 Stories